Friday, January 28, 2005

Is "Telling the Truth" a Family Value?

On January Twelfth, the recall group's media guy, Steve Fisher, was on Christian radio station WAVA, interviewed by Don Kroah.

At 34:40 into the interview, Fisher mentions they have had over a hundred hits on the petition link of the recall group's website, alone. So we figure that they had their online petitions going by then.

Even if anybody had listened, they might not have noticed this little snatch of dialogue, toward the end -- it goes by kinda quick. At 46:00 into the recording (listen to it HERE) (it's the second part of the January 12th archive), the announcer says:
DK: You say there's a petition with, uh, considerable signatures ...
SF: Right
DK: ... to recall the board, is that the petition you were referencing earlier?
SF: The petition is in the process of being developed.
DK: All right, we're gonna come back in a moment...

Y'know, I woulda sworn I heard them tell the school board they weren't really going to do that.


Blogger War Diaries said...

Oh, come on, Jim! Are you always this strict? Nobody will die for a little lie here and there. Besides, as you know, this is not the first time Fisher becomes "deadly serious" about recalling the "lunatics" that are "running the asylum" in the XXI century "Animal Farm" that is the BOE in Montgomery County, didn't you know?
(And in case GE is reading: yes, Fished DID say that...but that's in the past now.)

January 29, 2005 8:02 AM  

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