Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Just a Passing Thought

Walking to the Metro this morning, I started thinking about "ex-gays," and what that must actually be like.

Say a boy grows up and finds other boys more attractive than girls. He has crushes on boys at school, finds the actors more interesting than the actresses in movies. Depending on how his family and culture feel about it, this boy may feel very, very ashamed. Because of this, he may want to change.

Let's say he goes to a counselor who agrees to help him. Over time, and with constant practice, he learns to block his thoughts about men, and trains his mind to substitute women into his fantasies. Eventually he enters into a straight relationship and gets married: he's now an "ex-gay," officially.

Now, here was my thought: imagine the poor girl who marries this guy.

That's all, I was just thinking what a mess that would be, in reality, what that marriage would be like day to day.


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