Sunday, February 06, 2005

Fox5 Covers Protest of PFOX Billboard

As you know, PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays) put up a big billboard near the MCPS offices, announcing that gay people can change their orientation. Seems that some people have been protesting the presence of the sign. Here is a transcript of a report today on Fox 5.
Group of protesters chanting: "Education, not discrimination!" while carrying signs that read "When did you choose to be straight?" and "Promote tolerance, not deceit:" among others.

Wisdom Martin: High above a group of protesters standing on Gude Drive in Rockville, a big billboard in plain view for all to see. A billboard that reads, "Ex-Gays Prove That Change Is Possible." A billboard this group says is offensive.

Terrah Rash: I felt sick to my stomach. really disgusted me. Um. I think the main reason that it disgusted me was because these people that are driving down the road and they see this sign and they say, "Oh well, if they can change then I shouldn't have to tolerate them anymore."

Heather Earnhardt: Not only is it right down the street from where I work, but it just blatantly says, "Intolerance."

Mr. Martin: A group called Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays put up the sign. They are a national group based in Virginia. They advocate homosexuals are not born gay and can choose. [Shows a protester with a sign "IS HETEROSEXUALITY A CHOICE?"]

The organization that put up the sign says they are not trying to bash anybody, they are just trying to show people can change. But this group doesn't see it that way.

Amanda Mandingo: I was appalled. I was absolutely appalled.

Mr. Martin: Amanda Mandingo is one of the protest organizers. She is concerned about the impact this will have on young gay people.

Amanda Mandingo: I don't want them to be frightened and frightened back into the closet thinking that, "Oh my God! I can't be who I am!"

Group chants: Education, not discrimination, education, not discrimination...

Mr. Martin: The protesters say they are here for the long haul. Not only are they here this Saturday all day, but they plan to be here every Saturday until the sign comes down.

Group chants: 1234 open up your closet door, 5678 don't assume your kids are straight

Mr. Martin: Wisdom Martin, Fox 5 News

Anchor: Well, the man in the billboard that you saw was not identified because the group says he was getting death threats. Last fall the billboard was on display in Richmond.

Of course he's identified. He's Christopher Delaney, and HERE is his website. Death threats don't seem to bother him, his web site is easily accessible.

Thanks to our own CillyGoose for the transcription.


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