Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hear For Yourself

Andrea brought a little handheld tape recorder to the CRC meeting yesterday, and got most of it on tape. The quality isn't very good, but generally you can hear what's going on.

I am trying to convert the meeting from audio tape to digital, using GoldWave. Unfortunately, you can't monitor it while it records, so it's hard to know how to break it up. Then I have to clean it up, reducing the noise, maximizing the volume, equalizing it so it's not tinny -- then convert wave files to mp3. The result is not too bad, but I don't know how long it'll take to do the whole thing.

Here's a link to the first section I got converted: DON DWYER. This is Maryland delegate Don Dwyer, who was the featured speaker of the day.

It's too bad you can't see the "sieg heil" hand gestures that go with it.

(The tape came to its end right at the end of his talk, so it sounds like it's cut off, but I don't think anything's missing.)

The guy with the gay porn is not going to be nearly as good in mp3. I wish I had copies of the blurry stuff he showed us. Goes all around the country to gay conventions, gathering this funky pornography "for research purposes." It didn't have anything to do with the MCPS curriculum, of course, but he did make the audience gasp repeatedly. The Family Research Council guy made sure we all remembered every stereotype of gays. He didn't call them "stereotypes," though, he said he was dispelling myths.

I'll try to get more of this converted and posted. Maybe not today, we'll see.


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