Sunday, March 06, 2005

Prudes Provide Prurience

The Parents Television Council are the ones that complain so much whenever there's anything remotely lascivious at all on TV. Like, they raised a big stink when there were naked statues at the Olympics. And Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction totally gave them a reason for living.

These guys are the definition of Prude.

So maybe it's just me, but this seems funny. Their web site has a video feature called the "Worst Clip of the Week." Like, this week's clip goes a little something like this:
  • A busty brunette in a very low-cut dress, waving a whip around, says, "Welcome to my dirty little secret"
  • A guy in a suit says "I've been needing a spanking"
  • A lady takes her pants off (her bottom is pixelated)
  • Another guy is naked, drinking what appears to be a beer
  • The lady with no pants is getting spanked by a smiling guy
  • A dwarf nibbles on a lady's foot
  • The dwarf eats out of a dog dish
  • A scantily clad blonde takes a riding whip to the dwarf's bottom
  • A guy crawls on the floor and people pour their drinks on him
  • A bosomy lady sitting on a guy's back says "Let me ride him like a horse all across the stage"
  • A lady in a cowboy hat takes a cat o' nine tails to the guy on the floor

I mean, it's not, y'know, it wouldn't even be PG-17, it's about like Austin Powers y-e-a-h b-a-b-y but it still seems a little ... I don't know. I mean, these Parents Blah-blah guys only watch this stuff to see how bad things are, right? Strictly research.

The low-life bloggers at Fat Knowledge are not unhappy with the way this works out:
I love it. These guys are going out and finding the most explicit TV they can find and then uploading it to the web, so that people like me don't have to waste my time trying to find them. I would have thought that these guys would be from the "don't tell the children about sex education because it will just encourage them to do it" school. But apparently not, and oh how grateful I am.

It is so great to when you click on the link it says "WARNING: Graphic Content!!! Do NOT push play if you don't want to see the explicit video!!!". Man, how can you say no when you see a warning like that?

And they have a list of all of the previous worst clips as well in case you missed it.

And so the world goes round and round.


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