Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Great Web Page

I didn't know this web page existed until just today. It's the Montgomery County Public Schools "Health Education" site. A nice, clean site with links to nine documents that explain the Health curriculum, including the new parts of Family Life and Human Development. It has documents explaining the citizens committee and how that works, facts about the curriculum, and laws pertaining to it.

I have set this as a permanent link on the righthand side of this page, under "Great Web Sites."

Our most important recommendation to people who are concerned about what is going on with the sex education controversy in Montgomery County is: read the report. If you see something there that suggests that the school district is going to make your kid want to turn gay, or is going to encourage them to experiment sexually, if you think this curriculum insists that children can't be happy without a "sex life," or it's going to undermine your family values and make a moral relativist out of your kids, or if you think this curriculum "instructs children in anal sex," or any of those bizarre things that you might have heard some people say, then ... I imagine you won't be signing our petition, right?


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