Friday, April 22, 2005

The Quack is Back

Thanks to Bianca for pointing this out in our comments.

BALTIMORE -- A Pennsylvania psychologist who counsels people who want to change their homosexual orientation has been asked to return to an advisory board for the nation's largest managed-care behavioral health company, the psychologist said Wednesday.

Grove City College psychology professor Dr. Warren Throckmorton was removed earlier this year from the National Professional Advisory Council for Magellan Health Services, a Farmington, Conn.-based company that has offices in Columbia, Md.

Throckmorton said the company offered him a seat on the board Tuesday and he planned to accept.

Magellan spokeswoman Erin Somers said Wednesday that the company had "retracted" its invitation to Throckmorton to serve on the board and now had "re-invited him."

"The reaction to our decision to rescind the invitation made it appear that we are taking sides in an overall debate in homosexuality, which we are not," Somers said.

Throckmorton had his own theory.

"My understanding of the reason for bringing me back is they felt by dismissing me, they created an impression they were not an inclusive company, and in bringing me back they wanted to correct that misperception," Throckmorton said.

"I think it's a good move. I think it does help to correct the viewpoint that Magellan had out there that they were intolerant. I think it's the right move for them to make."

Throckmorton criticized the company after he was removed from the board, saying its action demonstrated an "insensitivity" to counselors like him and their patients. Throckmorton said at the time that he believes people have the "right to pursue heterosexual-affirming therapy."

Somers said after the dismissal that Throckmorton was removed from the board because controversy surrounding his views would be a distraction. Somers said the decision did not affect care provided by the company, but Magellan was concerned his views might cause controversy that would distract from the work of the council.

The council has representatives from the major behavioral health disciplines and advises the company on treatment issues. Counselor for gays invited back onto advisory panel

Very interesting. No telling what led to that crazy decision. As far as we can tell, this shrink specializes in one thing, which is unethical by any book. Why would they want him advising them?


Blogger andrea said...

well, I hear next Magellan is getting a psychic surgeon on their board to be followed by the guy who talks to your deceased pets. Why have just one quack on board? Magellan probably got a lot of right wing political pressure-even though medicine is supposed to be their game- and having one nut on the board won't do much of anything to Magellan- unfortunately, it will give Throckmorton some semblance of authority among those who don't know any better. Anyway, don't we all know of people who are on boards or even in jobs because of money or political clout or parentage(goodbye, Michael Powell).


April 22, 2005 3:59 PM  

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