Sunday, May 22, 2005

Feds Against Condoms on 60 Minutes Today

Blogger Josh Marshall, at Talking Points Memo, says:
If you're going to be anywhere near a TV on Sunday evening, don't miss 60 Minutes. They have a segment they're running about the millions of dollars the federal government is spending to convince children and adolescents that condoms arent' very effective at preventing STDs or pregnancy. You may be familiar with the general topic. But the interviews with Bush administration officials and those they're funding will really take your breath away.

-- Josh Marshall

And why would a single penny of your federal taxes go towards convincing people that it's not worthwhile to practice safe sex?

It's a weird and wacky world we live in ...


Blogger War Diaries said...

I just came accross this very interesting information today:
"The majority of women older than 17 who obtained an abortion reported a religious affiliation."
Protestants – 43%
("Born-again" or evangelical - 13%)
Catholics – 27%
Other religion – 8%
No religion affiliation – 22%
By the way, two things have had the biggest impact on abortion reduction: correct use of contraception, and use of emergency contraception.
I can hear them saying: "abstinence work 100% of the time"... and then I will conclude the phrase "100% of the time it is practiced." But as the ever so good video that curriculum opponents are so fond of says: Hope is not a method.
Notice, also, same source: " Almost one in every five women (19%) who had an abortion in 2000-2001 were adolescents, more than half (56%) were in their 20s and a quarter (25%) were 30 or older. The proportion aged 15-19 had decreased slightly, from 21% in 1994. Most teenagers having abortions in both years were aged 18-19 (12% of all women having abortions), while only 1% were younger than 15."

This indicates that life is much more complex than we want to believe.
Am I in favor of abortion? No, like everybody else I know of, I'm against abortion. Who would be in favor of it? Will I have an abortion myself? I used to believe the answer was yes. Now I know the answer is no. But, I will die on the barricades defending the rigths of every woman to have her own answer, without any added suffering to the one each person on this situation is going through already.
So, no contraceptives, just abstain? Well, get ready for more abortions.

May 22, 2005 2:41 PM  

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