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Our Ears Prick Up As CRC Plots Against Us

Somebody had emailed me this morning to say that CRC President Michelle Turner had quoted something from this blog's comments section at the Board of Education meeting today. A high-school student had used the word "prick" several times to refer to the CRC and PFOX, in relation to their collecting money from the county to pay for their legal expenses, and she tattled to the board about the bad word.

I have deleted comments before for objectionable language -- including my own! -- and I have also let worse ones than this stand, when the content of the statement justified the tone. Another TTF member and I had a discussion about whether to delete this particular comment or to say something to the commenter, and decided that the word "prick" is not the worst thing in the world, and we'd let the discussion go as it was.

So they brought it up at the board meeting, that somebody used a bad word on our blog. If that is the nastiest thing you have ever seen on the Internet, then your pop-up blocker is better than mine!

But that really isn't the good part.

The good part is that Ms. Turner emailed a message to a large group of people, including a Times reporter (he seems to be on the CRC's A-list), a member of our Teach the Facts Yahoo group, and the Einstein High School Yahoo group. The entire message is long -- almost 500 lines -- so I will just snip parts of it here. For some reason, she mailed everybody copies of internal emails among the CRC inner circle. I have extracted messages to put them in chronological order, so you don't have to read from the bottom up, and I also removed carets that indicated email replies and forwards and a couple of extraneous ascii characters.

The first part is Ellen Castellano declining to be part of the planning committee to replace the school board, as they swear they don't intend to do:
From: Ellen Castellano [mailto:ellenmc7@*******.***] [Removed by request: Jimk]
Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2005 1:41 PM
To: 'Steve'; 'Laura & Daniel Quigley'
Cc:; John Garza; 'Ben Patton'; 'Theresa Rickman';;
Subject: RE: Public Event Planning Team


I have to back out on being part of the planning committee.

Now that we have settled, the goal of the CRC seems mainly to be to replace members of the BOE in the next election, and my heart isn't in this kind of effort, though I completely agree with it. I have pushed the limit for the last nine months to help the CRC get rid of the curriculum and we've done it, and gotten a spot on the CAC - I consider this a huge success and I am ready to take a break. I trust the lawyers to handle the settlement dispute that has arisen, and after that, it will be up to our reps on the CAC to engage in the tug of war over ex-gays in the curriculum. I will be giving up the list serve to Laura to manage if she will take it. (I will continue to ask around for candidates for the BOE). Tony also is seeking relief from the duties of running the website, see his earlier note.

It's been a privilege to be part of this group that I consider to be no less than the grace of God at work, and everyone involved is to be thanked and will be blessed, I'm sure, by their cooperation. Now, back to the crazy summer schedule/taxi service for the next pick up/drop off!

Ellen Castellano

OK, that's mildly interesting, seeing what they're up to politically, learning that they haven't had any luck finding somebody to represent their viewpoint. We figured they wanted to run somebody for the board that they love so much.

But the part I liked was where they plotted to use our comments in the meeting:

We can't tell who first proposes the idea, but Michelle Turner likes it, and elaborates on it -- she wants the "juicier" stuff:
From: Date: Tue Jul 05 16:48:28 CDT 2005
To: Retta ,, John Garza , Ellen Castellano , Laura & Daniel Quigley Cc: Ben Patton , Theresa Rickman,, Subject: Re: RE: Public Event Planning Team

I think this should be pointed out to the BoE. Laura,if you can send me some of the juicier comments by TTF folks-with their names-I will incorporate them into my comments for tomorrow.

-------------- Original message --------------

Can we put it out there what this kid from Teach the Facts said about CRC? Is this the kind of organization that the BOE is proud to have on the new CAC? What kind of judgement does this show, not only for the TTF but about the BOE?

Alex K. said... MCPS needs to beat these pricks down in court and then force THEM to pay for ALL of the expenses.

And these pricks want to circumvent a democratic process to put whomever they choose on the board.

Is that un-American or what?

These guys won't stop crying "foul play" at everything.

Can someone please shut them all up?

As for tolerance, one should be tolerant toward those who deserve it.

As far as I am concern, a majority of these biggoted pricks DO NOT deserve any respect or tolerance.

Let us take the Malcolm X approach to all of this.

And let us also remember how the first speaker at the last meeting played the race card.

And then Retta tells her what a great idea it is:

----- Original Message -----
From: Retta
To: ; Retta; ; John Garza ; Ellen Castellano ; Laura & Daniel Quigley
Cc: Ben Patton ; Theresa Rickman; ;
Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2005 6:32 PM Subject: Re: Re: RE: Public Event Planning Team

Great idea Michelle This will put the "heat" on the BOE-especially after they have just voted for TTF!@!@ It will be out on TV.

Maybe the BOE should spend more money, not on how to put condoms on cucumbers, but to teach the children the proper civility in their discourse with people they don't agree with. Obviously this child has a lot to learn. The Adults backing him up don't know any better either!

Laura likes the idea, and blames me for not deleting the comment:
From: Laura & Daniel Quigley [mailto:quigley5@***.***][Removed by request]
Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2005 7:02 PM To:; Retta;; John Garza; Ellen Castellano Cc: Ben Patton; Theresa Rickman;;; Alberta Bertuzzi
Subject: Re: Re: RE: Public Event Planning Team

It's disgraceful in and of itself, but the fact that Jim K let that stand without comment speaks volumes. My question is, what about those kids (like ours) who may speak out against gay behavior -- will they be called names like 'prick' and 'un-American' and bullied like this as well? Seems like the 'foul play' is all over this one.


And as we know, Michelle Turner did go to the Board of Education to repeat what was said in our comments section.

Man, I wish I could whip up a good, realistic huff of indignation just like that.

Imagine that, somebody used the word "prick" in a blog comment. Now they've really got us backed into a corner!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...Hmmmm Michelle Turner using a young person's posting to a public blog and the use of the word prick to describe CRC and PFOX as she find horrific on some level. How about we take her daughter's rants from Einstein listserv and share those publicly?

July 06, 2005 2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my, oh my, a student, driven to outrage by the mean-spirited, anti-gay rantings of grown-up members of CRC used the word prick to express his sentiments. OK, it might not be the nicest term, but, really, just think of the words he could have used that he didn't. I, for one, admire his restraint. or maybe he chose that word to prick their conscience about stealing money from the county. or because he wanted to goad them into seeing things differently. in which case he chose a fine word.

Truthfully, we all should be outraged that CRC and their friends are walking away with $36,000 from the county education coffers to futher their bigotry when lots of our kids take classes in "learning cottages" with insufficient heating in the winter, and no air conditioning in the spring and summer. most share text books or go without because the schools can't afford to buy enough to go around.

So, thank you CRC for making sure that a few more kids go without this year.

July 06, 2005 2:56 PM  
Blogger Kay2898 said...

Well maybe CRC and PFOX should look up the word prick in Webster' entertain themselves.

I guess today they have not fixed the unhappiness they have over the signing of an agreement they are now trying to undo by charging BOE has changed the policy. So now they go after a blogger and go undercover to seek more names and postings to use since apparently they cannot write their own material.

Just an all out farce they have going on with that business about BOE changing policy, etc..

BOE policy BMA was in place before John Garza signed the agreement on behalf of CRC as well as Estella Salvatierra for PFOX.(Let's note they are both attorneys) what part of BMA did they not read BEFORE THEY SIGNED. A caveat is the John Garza gets 3,000 of the 36,000 monies paid by BOE to settle with CRC and Liberty Counsel.

Nominees vs. designees....that is the whine now from Recall and PFOX. They
think they get the latter.

Excerpt from agreement that Recall and PFOX signed:(Notice the word NOMINEES)

6. MCPS agrees that the newly-constituted CAC, for the term during which
consultation on the Revisions contemplated by the Boardâ?Ts May 23, 2005
resolution will occur, will include a maximum of 15 members and will include
representative of PFOX and one representative of CRC, to be selected by the
Board in accordance with Section C(2)(a)(3) of Board Policy BMA, provided
representatives are Montgomery County residents and are otherwise qualified
and able to serve on the committee. PFOX and CRC will inform the Board of
nominees in writing by July 1, 2005.
Board Policy BMA:

2. Appointment of Members
a) Application
(1) The Board of Education will announce openings on standing advisory
committees and solicit members in a display advertisement or news release
in one or more Montgomery County newspapers of countywide circulation
and through other internal and external media.
(a) Members for standing committees shall be solicited on an ongoing
basis with appointments to be made at the all-day meetings in June
and December.
(b) Members of ad hoc committees shall be solicited in a manner
determined by the Board at the time of the formation.
(2) Interested candidates shall fill out applications for advisory committee
membership. Applications for membership will be retained through two
rounds of Board appointments - unless the applicant is no longer interested
or able to serve.
(3) In cases where the Board has determined membership on a committee will
be by organization, the organization will be requested to submit nominees
for vacancies. However, the final selection of membership remains the
responsibility of the Board.

Kay R

July 06, 2005 3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, yes, Alex, you do have adults backing you, if you want them. You see, we happen to be very proud of the work that you and the other MCPS students and recent MCPS students have done in the last few weeks. We think it is a very good idea for students to organize themselves and present cogent arguments for the educational reforms they want. We think that the closer you are to adulthood, the more you need to be treated like responsible people.

Some folks think that maybe adults should be organizing students to speak for them. They think they should find, for example, students who are questioning their sexual orientation, and use them as examples. I think (and I know there are other TTF parents who agree) that you should speak for yourselves and work with us as allies, not subordinates.

So, yeah. You do have adults backing you. Not because we have pushed you forward to speak as our shill, but because we stand behind your right to speak for what you believe in.

July 06, 2005 4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm commenting twice because I had a specific reaction to one of Alex's comments as well as a general reaction to this interesting development.

I personally think that Alex could have found a more creative descriptor for the CRC, but is what he called them equal in virulence to the CRC supporter who used our comments section to claim that his opted-out children would be contaminated by sitting next to our children in school?

Some people will hear about our naughty word and will come read this blog and its comments. Then they will see that we have an open door policy here. We welcome discussion. Some people involved in this curriculum fight found that having an open comments section on their blog brought out the, may I call them "nuts"? They didn't like the way the {edible seeds of tree-borne fruit} made their organization look, so they put a lock on the comments. The [excellent source of proteins and healthful omega-3 fatty acids] then brought their comments here. Their illogical and bigoted ranting looks very nice on our blog.

Thanks, Michelle, for advertizing our on-line discussion. And thanks, John, for painting the big red bull's eye on your methods and ideology.

July 06, 2005 4:37 PM  
Blogger andrea said...

As for me, words like "prick" and the sort of words that could not be left on the blog if they showed up are nothing compared to the things that CRC has put on its website- sentences full of hatred of gay people-warnings about gay people in our schools and in our lives and how the only good solution is to "change".

So Michelle Turner and her small minded crew couldn't find anything to really say about us- so they found a "bad" word and they told about the "bad" word. Oh, no! All TTF members report for detention! Personally, I am going to send myself to bed without dessert.

July 06, 2005 5:57 PM  
Blogger Kay2898 said...

Oh my ...who knew Recall was so afraid of Teach The Facts???

Who knew Michelle Turner would out her buddies once again?

Who knows... Alex may get a legal threat sent his way from Turner and Garza for using the word prick.

Desperate....comes to mind and a slow day over at Recall it seems.

Kay R

July 06, 2005 7:05 PM  

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