Saturday, August 20, 2005

The TV Show Again: A Slow-Dawning Thought

I just had one of those "well, duh" moments. I was reading an old Gazette article about the time that the CRC and the Germantown Citizens Association (GCA) were going to meet with some school board members. Remember? It was strange, because The Gazette at first said that the meeting was cancelled because of threats to the school board, and then they changed the story but never said there weren't threats to the school board, and anyway CRC President Michele Turner apologized to the school board publicly for the threats ... but then we saw in the CRC's purloined messages that they were calling The Gazette and trying to get special treatment to make up for ... whatever.

Jump ahead to last week. Montgomery Community TV was supposed to tape a show about the future of health education, featuring a whole half hour of CRC people. Lots of people complained, including us, and then the show's producer, Alice Gordon, added some people to the show who represented the majority in Montgomery County, and then after CRC backed out she cancelled the whole thing, with a note on the Internet implying that it was because of threatening emails.

So, tonight, I'm looking for something, and here's a little chunk from way back in January that jumps out at me:
CRC members said they are asking that the school board delay the pilot of the curriculum until a public hearing has been held and enough community input has been gathered.

The GCA will draft a letter to the board vocalizing Germantown residents' opposition to the curriculum, board member Alice Gordon said.

However, because the GCA must remain impartial, she said the letter would present both sides of the issue.

"There's no way that we can choose sides, we have to remain open-minded," Gordon said. Cox avoids Germantown meeting after receiving threats

Besides the obvious fact that you can't both "vocalize Germantown residents' opposition to the curriculum" and not choose sides -- do you see what I see?

That's the very same Alice Gordon (who by the way homeschools and doesn't have any stake in the MCPS health curriculum), up to her neck in CRC's business, seven months ago.

Well, duh.

Interestingly, the not-a-retraction that appeared later in The Gazette changed that part:
The GCA plans to draft a letter to the board spelling out the issues and seeking more discussions. The GCA did not take a position on the issue, contrary to an earlier report.

"There's no way that we can choose sides, we have to remain open-minded," GCA board member Alice Gordon said. Group opposed to sex ed pilot briefs GCA

Man -- don't you just love this stuff? It sounds like the Germantown Citizens Association didn't take a position, but one Alice Gordon did.

Maybe I'm just a little slow, I figured she was friendly to the anti-MCPS radical cell. I hadn't realized how friendly she was. This goes back.


Blogger andrea said...

So it was okay to have a program with just CRC and that quack Cohen but when it was just going to be the other side- Alice claimed she was threatened. Well, that is a good tactic. CYA- you put on a show with a phoney premise and when you are called on it - you claim it is someone else's fault. Thanks for giving the background of this person- since I couldn't imagine how a show on "health Ed- where do we go from here" with just CRC and Cohen could have just "happened".

August 22, 2005 10:04 AM  

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