Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ugliness at Focus on the Family

Sometimes you forget how bad it really is. The Drudge Retort today links to a web page put up by Focus on the Family, to tell you what to do if you think your kid is growing up gay: Helping Boys Become Men, and Girls Become Women.

The page itself is mainly just a list of links to other pages on the web site. You click on them and ... it's unbelievable. The links are:
  • 1. Is my child becoming homosexual?
  • 2. The facts about homosexuality.
  • 3. The fact that change of sexual orientation is possible.
  • 4. The homosexual campaign against children.
  • 5. How to protect your child from sexual abuse.
  • 6. How to prevent homosexuality.
  • 7. What to do if your child needs help in the area of sexual identity.

Like, you know you're kid is turning gay if they have a strong feeling that they are "different" from other boys or a tendency to cry easily, be less athletic, and dislike the roughhousing that other boys enjoy, if they have a strong preference to spend time in the company of girls and participate in their games and other pastimes, or even if they have a susceptibility to be bullied by other boys, who may tease them unmercifully and call them "queer," "fag" and "gay."

Mmm, yeah, that's how you can tell, it's when the other kids call them names...
If your child is experiencing several signs of gender confusion, professional help is available. It’s best to seek that help before your child reaches puberty.

"By the time the adolescent hormones kick in during early adolescence, a full-blown gender identity crisis threatens to overwhelm the teenager," warns psychologist Dr. James Dobson.

Oh, and this page links to another one that tells you what you can do about it: that is, you can call Exodus International or NARTH for reparative therapy. Yeah, great idea, just great.

And I was wondering about some of those facts about homosexuality. Here're some:
  • 1. Homosexuality is a disorder
  • 2. Homosexuality is rarely "chosen."
  • 3. No evidence indicates that homosexuality is inherited.
  • 4. Homosexuality often results from early sexual abuse.
  • 5. There is growing evidence that change of sexual orientation is possible.
  • 6. Parents can help prevent homosexuality in their children.

You might have noticed that these "facts" are just the opposite of the facts that you get from actual psychologists, this is the opposite of the scientific findings. Flat-out, hundred-eighty-degrees, back-to-back opposite.

That "growing evidence that change is possible" thing was a hyperlink, and I was interested to find out about it. Because it seems to me that, if anything, there is growing evidence that change of sexual orientation is a pipe-dream. So I clicked on the link.

Oddly, the page it linked to had nothing about any evidence for change. Instead, you went to a page called The Homosexual Campaign Against Children, which talked about how gay people want the age of consent to be lower and lower so they can molest your children legally. As an example ...
Dr. James Dobson reports: "There is also the vigorous effort by gays to infiltrate the Boy Scouts in the same way lesbians have done so successfully in the Girl Scouts, where 33 percent of their staff is said to be lesbian."

I get a creepy feeling looking at this anti-gay web site, full of lies and distortions, saying anything to make you hate and fear homosexuals. They'll say whatever it takes, it doesn't matter if it's true or if it makes sense. It only has to be something negative about gay people.

Look, these people are among us. They are a tiny minority in Montgomery County, but they're out there, and they want to spread the hate and fear to you and to your kids. We've got to stop them. This just isn't the way we live. We know some people are different from us, and we believe in the personal freedom to be whoever you are and express yourself openly. We don't hate people we don't understand in this county, we prefer to accept differences and even help people who might need a little extra. We start by teaching facts in the public schools, not this hateful junk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From a CRC'r on homosexuals

"It still comes down to the fact that the homosexual community uses false and misleading information to promote their worldview.
Engages in bigotry, harassment, and hate to promote their view of tolerance for themselves.
Now if the CRC is putting forth false or inaccurate information and you have credible sources that have documentation proof of these inaccuracies please feel free to site them.

I would like to hear your argument based on credible information as to why you think homosexuals should have the right to marry, and serve in the military.
As for bias and harassment, since homosexuals have no problem in doing it. It is a little hypocritical to complain especially when the problem is that the homosexual community continues to lie. Then when homosexuals are confronted with there lies. They defend themselves by slandering us. Not intellectually honest."

"The military has standards to. Why should they lower the standards to allow homosexuals in."

"Because you don’t think it is fair? You’ll have to do better than that. Life is not fair."

"don't ask don't tell is no longer used by the millitary. its back to find them and get them out."

August 11, 2005 1:26 PM  
Blogger JimK said...

Anon, what is the source of these quotes?

August 11, 2005 2:11 PM  
Blogger andrea said...

Once again- James Dobson shows he is not a man of God as he claims but a hatemonger. Why use facts- the big lie works so well- wasn't it Goebbels who said that in WWII. People are guullible and say- Oh, a minister wouldn't say that if it wasn't true -so Dobson and his cronies spread lies about gay people. Why bother to read the studies that say most sexual abuse is by white heterosexual males- let's blame it on gay people. I think that if Dobson was really focused on family - he would spend time trying to create reading programs, after school programs, food programs here in the US and promote saving lives in Darfur- instead of spreading lies and bigotry.


August 11, 2005 3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JimK said...
Anon, what is the source of these quotes?


Why CRC public message board they advertise on their soon to be updated website.

Quotes were taken from postings this week.


Here is another:


Am J Psychiatry 157:838, May 2000
© 2000 American Psychiatric Association

Letter to the Editor
Treatments to Change Sexual Orientation
Baltimore, Md.

“The psychiatric profession still correctly considers pedophilia to be a mental disorder. However, like heterosexuality and homosexuality (orientations that differ from one another on the basis of differences in sexual attraction), pedophilia, too, can be thought of as a sexual orientation that is different from others on the basis of age of attraction.”

“In the case of pedophilia, society must insist, for good reason, that persons who are sexually attracted to children are forbidden from acting on these attractions. As with alcoholism, such persons need to have access to effective treatments that can enable them to successfully resist succumbing to unacceptable temptations.”

“Individuals whose sexual orientation is directed toward children manifest the same range of personality, temperamental, and character traits as individuals whose sexual orientation is directed toward adults. A recent Journal article documented that the vast majority of individuals with pedophilia showed no evidence of either antisocial or narcissistic personality disorder.”


If pedophilia is a sexual oriention than does the Montgonery County School Board need to teach it as part of there sex-ed program? and is GLBTS going to change its name to GLBTPS?

August 11, 2005 3:57 PM  
Blogger JimK said...

Hey that is VERY clever. Those guys are real smart. We always learn so much from the CRC's discussions among themselves.


August 11, 2005 4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Need to add that if one dares to take CRC on and post things to show an opposite opinion to their homophobic rantings......CRC admin will kick you off their so called PUBLIC message board for not supporting their homophobic rantings/postings.

Kinda figures..huh????

August 12, 2005 10:54 AM  

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