Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Great Harvard Editorial

The Harvard Crimson has a great editorial today. You remember that the Massachusetts legislature just voted overwhelmingly to allow same-sex marriages. It seems that some people, including the governor of that state, just can't accept the people's will. Some excerpts:
In 2003, following the now-famous Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney said, "The people of Massachusetts should have the right to define marriage. It should not be decided for them by a court." Last week, the state legislature—representing the will of the people of the Commonwealth—answered Romney’s call in resounding fashion, defeating a proposed constitutional amendment to replace same-sex marriage with civil unions by an overwhelming vote of 157 to 39. Through their elected representatives, the people have sent a clear message to Romney and his anti-gay marriage allies: the mainstream of the Commonwealth has come to accept same-sex marriage both as a fundamental right and as an integral component of the state’s social fabric.
Evidently, however, the evidence and the resounding decision of the Legislature—the very manifestation of the will of the people—are still not satisfactory to the opponents of same-sex marriage. The Massachusetts Family Institute plans to introduce a new amendment to the state’s Constitution, this time absolutely banning same-sex marriage, with no provision granted for civil unions—a measure that Romney supports. This time, anti-same sex marriage advocates won’t be satisfied unless the measure is put before a statewide referendum, which will inevitably generate a bitter battle and could even strip thousands of people of their recently-won rights. Amazingly, even after the Legislature’s momentous decision, Romney still professes that the people should be given a direct vote on the issue, as though their will has not already been made abundantly clear.

This is the haters' nightmare, isn't it? That tolerance will spread like a cancer through the population, that the flames of bigotry will burn out, leaving nothing but freedom and respect for all.


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