Friday, May 26, 2006

Who Could Be This Stupid?

You might remember a couple of months ago, when Ford Motor Company was attacked by the Family Blah Blah groups for advertising in the gay media. In the end, Ford made a deal with their gay friends and issued a statement affirming their support for inclusiveness and their intention to continue to advertise to the gay market. OK, that was weird, you couldn't really figure out what would be wrong with advertising to prospective customers.

As a word of background, the Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum formed in 2004 to recall the Montgomery County school board after the school district adopted a reasonable new sex education curriculum. Everything they did backfired on them, except for winning one ten-day restraining order, and today support for them in the community is essentially absent. They still maintain a couple of web sites, and one of them gets updated occasionally. (At the bottom of the page it says how many people are viewing the page -- when I check the site, it almost always lists me as the only person, sometimes there is one other person. Last time it was somebody named "Culture Nazi.")

Their web forum today has a posting that just says it all; it's about Ford advertising in The Advocate, a gay-interest magazine.

Check this out:
When Ford responds to those who write concerning their promotion of homosexual marriage, the response they get from Ford's Customer Relationship Center says their support "is a strong commitment we intend to carry forward with no exception." For Ford, that support also includes homosexual polygamy.

(I'm not going to link to this junk.)

Wow. Homosexual polygamy. Man, the only thing that would be worse than that would be homosexual polygamy with animals. That Ford Motor Company, they must be Pure Evil to come up with a plan like that.

Now, tell me. Do you really believe that Ford Motor Company supports homosexual polygamy? Are you, dear TTF reader, so [insert expletive here] stupid that you actually believe this, even for a second?

You know what it comes down to. The Advocate, which Ford advertises in, has an article called Big Gay Love that talks about people who have more than one long-term partner. The article takes a supportive but not encouraging view of the situation, and notes that there's really no movement to promote this sort of thing -- life is tough enough already, and most gay people would be happy to win regular marriage. Never mind this crazy polyamory stuff.

So, whatever, The Advocate is a big slick magazine, and as they note, there's a hit TV show now about a polygamous family. So, like big-bucks media everwhere, they're just playing to their readership. I haven't checked, but I imagine the straight men's magazines are writing about polygamy, too, like, hubba-hubba wouldn't be great to sleep with a different (young and sexy Hollywood supermodel) wife every night of the week?

Can you imagine a person who reads the CRC's web site and is so ignorant that they actually believe that Ford is out to promote "homosexual polygamy?" The mind boggles. Listen, do you think the person who wrote that sentence believes it?

These people live in a world outside reality. They claim to have values, they claim morality as their special trait, yet they feel perfectly justified saying something like this, that Ford promotes homosexual polygamy, knowing full well that it is pure bull-oney.

You do find yourself wondering if they are aware that other people use facts and reason.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who could be this stupid?

How about a TTF blogster who doesn't recognize a rhetorical device when he sees it?


May 30, 2006 1:56 PM  
Blogger JimK said...

Putting a fact in an unflattering context is a "rhetorical device." Inventing facts is not.


May 30, 2006 1:58 PM  

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