Sunday, November 05, 2006

Preparing Your Voting Machines

[Note: My first version of this had some errors in it, but I wanted to post these pictures anyway, so I changed it (I really shouldn't try to do a dozen things at the same time...) - JimK]

I thought you guys might be interested to see the voting materials being loaded up at the Montgomery County Board of Elections offices. I was driving past the Board of Elections offices Saturday and saw this. You know what they say, when in doubt, whoop out the old camera.

This time, they're loading the voter access cards into the precinct bags, so they can have everything they need to start in the morning. Do you suppose they can avoid another disaster? I hope so, there's a lot riding on this election.

I think we're finding out, the election process across the country is very haphazard and unstandardized. And with electronic voting, it's even worse. What do you think would happen if there was a big discrepancy between vote-counts and predicted votes or exit polls? Probably nothing, don't you think? Can you imagine Americans actually protesting something like that seriously, like they do in other countries?

So anyway, here they are picking up their stuff, getting ready for the elections.

OK, we'll see what kinds of numbers come out of these machines Tuesday.


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