Sunday, March 18, 2007

Using Technology to Bring Back the Dark Ages

We are hearing that the Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum are using those annoying recorded phone calls to try to get people to opt their kids out of the new curriculum, and to visit their web site for more information. Families at the pilot-test schools are getting calls on a chilly Sunday, and when they answer it's a recording.

If the schools find that students opt out at a higher rate than previously, they will know why: it will be because people got scary phone calls and letters telling them misinformation about the curriculum. It won't reflect on the curriculum itself, and it won't affect any decisions the school district will need to make.

By the way, if you should get one of these on your answering machine - don't delete it. Send us an email at We would like to hear what it says exactly.

I hate to say it, but I think the PTA needs to take action. Last year they passed a resolution against the CRC for misuse of the PTA directories, when they sent letters to everybody at the test schools. This year, when they used the directories for letters, the PTA decided not to waste any energy on it.

This is going too far. They are obviously using directories prepared by the PTAs for the school communities in a way that they have been specifically told not to. There is a notice in each copy of the directory, and the CRC was formally notified last year by the county PTAs to stop using them in this way.

People should not be subjected to this, and the PTA should take legal action to stop it, if you ask me.


Blogger andrea said...

I worked the polls for the elections as well as hadning out lit for candidates. I can't tell you how many people hated the recorded calls- even when it was for a candidate they supported. Crc has no problem violating the privacy of students and the PTSA directory- they really don't care about kids in MCPS- most of them don't have their kids in MCPS. They care about pushing their lies and their own bigotry. We know that- I hope lots more people learn that now.

March 18, 2007 4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Resolution Adopted By The MCCPTA Executive Board June 2, 2005

WHEREAS each school year the local PTA units of the Montgomery County Council of PTAs (MCCPTA) typically compile and publish student directories that include personal and potentially sensitive information such as the names, street addresses and telephone numbers of students whose parents have agreed to have such information included, and

WHEREAS by common knowledge and accepted practice these directories are intended exclusively for the private use of the PTA and the local PTA communities to facilitate communication within their communities, and are not intended to be used for any other purpose, and

WHEREAS the president of an organization calling itself the Citizens for Responsible Curriculum (CRC) has privately to conceded to MCCPTA officers that CRC surreptitiously obtained copies of selected student directories and used the information in these directories to develop a mailing list for a purpose inconsistent with the intended or appropriate use of the directories, and

WHEREAS this misuse of student directories by CRC has caused substantial concern among parents within the affected PTA communities, and

WHEREAS the PTAs in the affected communities are justifiably concerned that fears about potential future misuse of student directories could lead parents to withhold student directory information, thereby impairing a critical PTA asset,

NOW BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the MCCPTA Executive Board objects in the strongest terms to the misuse of student directories by the CRC, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the MCCPTA Executive Board strongly believes that the CRC should respond promptly and completely to all questions and concerns raised by local PTA units about the sources and intended uses of their student directory information, specifically identifying any instances in which this information may have already been sold or otherwise made available to another individual or entity, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the MCCPTA Executive Board strongly believes that the CRC should agree in writing to cease using information obtained from PTA student directories, and to return to the affected PTAs all copies of their directory information now in the possession of CRC, in whatever form the information may exist, or certify in writing that this information has been destroyed, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the MCCPTA Executive Board strongly believes that CRC should concede in writing that its use of student directory information was inappropriate and agree that it will refrain from any future similar use of PTA student directory information."

March 19, 2007 10:05 AM  

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