Monday, April 16, 2007

Unplanned Maintenance

Last night our whole site went bye-bye for about a half hour. Man, it looked bad. If you tried to look at anything here you just got a "404 Not Found" screen.

I tried to log into the server, to see what shape our HTML files were in. The file manager said "File not found."

This looked bad. I was thinking about how long it's been since I backed everything up. (Actually, it's not too bad, since all the blog stuff is archived at Blogger, as well as on our server.)

I emailed the support guys. I think they're in Latvia, if there still is a Latvia. Maybe Ukraine, or Estonia, now that I think about it -- they have a New Jersey mailing address, but I am pretty sure they are not in New Jersey. Anyway, they have neat names like Sergey and Sasha and Alexander, and they write with a certain accent. I didn't hear back from them.

Finally the site came back up. I emailed them again and told them it was OK. Then I heard from them, they said my support ticket will expire in 72 hours unless I have another problem.

I wrote them back and said, "So what happened, anyway?"

Alexander wrote me back: "Dear Jim, don't worry, the unplanned maintenance took place."

I love that.

It was nothing, just a little routine unplanned maintenance. Try that on your boss one of these times.

Oh well, everything looks good today, I guess that unplanned maintenance was successful.


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