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A Watergate Figure Weighs In

It seems funny to see Chuck Colson, who us old-timers remember from the days of Watergate, pontificating huffily about our Montgomery County sex-ed situation. You know, he's got this prison ministry thing going these days. So he writes for The Christian Post.

A recent column has a warning at the top:
Note: Today’s commentary may not be suitable for young children. Please use parental discretion.

I don't know about you, but I kind of expected something a little ... racy ... after that.

But no, he's just taking dictation from the Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum.
They are called “Personal Statements on Being Different.” One of them, from “Esperanza,” reads: “I’ve known for a long time that I am a lesbian.” As a little girl hearing fairy tales about a princess, Esperanza says she knew that, when she grew up, “I would marry the beautiful princess, not the prince.”

Another story involves “Portia,” a boy who grew up feeling like a girl. He changed his name and told his high school principal that he was a transgender. The understanding principal gave him an ID card with his new name on it. Now, “Portia” writes, “I speak about transgender concerns at school” and help other transgender youths get through “the challenges they face.”

These stories are part of the new Montgomery County, Maryland, health classes on homosexuality. They are an illustration of how gay activists are attempting to use public schools to spread pro-gay propaganda—and silence opposition. Normalizing Homosexuality: Coming to a School Near You

Um, yeah.

I'm reading this along with you, and I'm wondering -- is he going to tell us what gay activists are using the schools to spread their propaganda? I am wondering if it's somebody I know. And I really wonder how they have managed to keep their identity secret for so long. Those are some very clever gay activists.

We know that the CRC hates hates hates these vignettes. Oh, it's terrible to have middle and high school students spend a minute of their energetic young lives thinking about what it must be like to be gay or transgender.

It might impair their ability to hate in later life.
These so-called “personal statements”—all supportive of homosexuality and other disorders—are just the beginning. Students are also told that homosexuality is “innate” and permanent—despite much evidence to the contrary. They are taught that the homosexual lifestyle is not only to be tolerated, but also celebrated. Students are told about “transgendered persons” and so-called sex-reassignment surgery. But they are not informed that reputable medical organizations regard transgendered persons as mentally ill and the operation useless.

Some of the lessons are downright dangerous. For example, kids are encouraged to identify their sexual orientation early. But doing so is linked to increased rates of suicide among adolescents, according to some psychologists.

OK, I'm looking at the by-line here. It says "By Chuck Colson." I'm looking for the part that says who really wrote it, the "As told to" part. He's just taking the CRC's talking points, and not even changing a word of them.

You don't think he came up with that lie about "identifying their sexual orientation early" on his own, do you?
Worst of all, there is no mention whatsoever of the many health hazards associated with the gay lifestyle. A Montgomery County parent group, called Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, includes an infectious disease specialist, Dr. Ruth Jacobs. Dr. Jacobs put forward a petition signed by 270 doctors asking Montgomery County to warn kids of the health dangers related to homosexuality. Montgomery County ignored it.

This is what we end up with when we have a “health” curriculum developed, not by medical experts, but with the help of determined homosexual activists.

All right -- this time I'll bet he'll tell us who these homosexual activists are.

Though this is a little funny, because ... the curriculum was, in fact, developed by medical experts. A team of pediatricians. He must have missed that part of the CRC's memo. Or maybe, as usual, they forgot to include that trivial fact.
Sadly, these programs offer nothing to teens desperate for help in overcoming homosexual feelings. They don’t learn how successful reparative therapy is, and where they can find it. They are simply told to “celebrate” their homosexuality. Teens with same-sex desires are condemned to a life of confusion, misery, disease, and early death.

Amazing. Reparative therapy. Sorry, Chuck. Not guh happen. Doesn't work. Doctors don't like it. Science against it.

Oh, and I guess this is the gay life: confusion, misery, disease, and early death. That's all there is to it, once you figure out you're gay.

Man. That sounds bad. I guess gay people probably never smile during their short lives (I'm totally avoiding that whole Cameron thing).
A majority of Americans believe that homosexual behavior is immoral, which is why activist gays are targeting our kids with their propaganda, hoping to change them.

We need to make sure that we have accurate, factual information to counteract what is being taught in the schools—and in films, and on television, and on college campuses. And we ought to share this with our kids and grandkids and offer classes at our churches. If you visit our “BreakPoint” website, you will find excellent resources, including books by Harvard psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi.

We need to make sure our children hear some real-life “personal statements” about homosexuality: by those who overcame same-sex attraction, left the gay lifestyle, and entered a joyful—and healthy—new life.

Well, Chuck, just as soon as you find somebody like that, send 'em on over.

Listen, we've heard all of this before. I can't even take it seriously any more. I think the radical religious right market is kind of saturated at the moment. This guy is either preaching to the choir or it's falling on deaf ears. Everybody has already heard it all, and these days more people are falling off the bandwagon than climbing aboard.

I think it would be neat if somebody like this, or the CRC or somebody, told us who these gay activists are that are controlling our school system. Listen, if you're out there, Gay Activist, send us an email or something, OK? We're dying to find out who's really behind all this. We won't tell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,

This is a fly-by response, because I have to get dinner together and get to (church) choir rehearsal on time, but this post and the DF/JG transcript remind me of something:

Why do the CRC and FOF types keep going on about just a few of the vignettes on the "voices" page of the Holt textbook? Why don't they ever ever ever mention Tyrone, who was abused by his own family because they didn't think he was boyish enough? Why don't they want to talk about Tyrone's mother who kicked him out of his home and sent him to live in the streets and will not speak to him? Is it because this story goes just too far in promoting the gay lifestyle?

May 03, 2007 6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrea- not anon
I hope Colson is also telling people with tumors to go to psychic surgeons. Psychic surgery and reparative therapy- both a lot of crap and most people know it. Colson may have not gotten the word -but let's see those happy ex-gays. Not people who became celibate, not people who married someone of the opposite sex but say they are still attracted to the same sex- those thousands who are now totally straight. Not gonna happen because no one in that movement has been able to bring these people forward. Richard Cohen -one of their poster guys -cuddles with other gay males as part of his made-up therapy program. Hey, Anon- read Colson- there is your HTT, "religious" bigot.


May 03, 2007 6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hey, Anon- read Colson- there is your HTT, "religious" bigot."


I've read several of his books. To be honest, far from HTT, I've always thought humility was one of his most notable traits.

I'm left to believe that merely holding a scriptural view of homosexuality is HTT to you. We'll keep that in mind.

May 04, 2007 6:10 AM  
Blogger Dana Beyer, M.D. said...

Give him my phone number. I'll meet him for coffee. Tell him to ask for Portia.

May 04, 2007 1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrea-not anon

Anon refers to himself as we- is that the royal, editorial, tapeworm or multiple personality we?

Reading this and you think Colson is humble? We will keep this in mind as well(think of me as the Queen- it is a title sometimes used for me at the office)


May 04, 2007 7:25 PM  

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