Friday, August 29, 2008

The Governor Weighs In

The Blade had an interview on its blog with Governor O'Malley this week, which touched on some interesting topics. For instance, O'Malley expressed his intention to sign a marriage equality bill if it came to his desk. He also was asked about the Montgomery County gender identity nondiscrimination bill:
Blade: Last question. There is a transgender rights measure that is going to the ballot in Montgomery County in November. Do you expect to become involved in that battle at all to help protect the rights of transgender people?

O'Malley: You know, I think we passed a similar bill in the city of Baltimore when I was mayor, if my memory serves me correctly. So, you know, there are bills at the local level. There's bills at the state level. I typically don’t get involved with local ordinances. I try to focus my attention on statewide bills. But we did it in the city of Baltimore and dogs and cats didn't fall from the sky. You know? It was — I think these bills — I don't know. I think it would probably be a good thing for Montgomery County to do. I don't have the legislation in front of me, but if it's like what we did in Baltimore, it caused no problems whatsoever.

Blade: So it's got your thumbs up?

O'Malley: Yes. O'Malley reiterates call for civil unions

They did it in Baltimore and dogs and cats didn't fall from the sky. Let's do it in our county.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, we may harm freedom and safety and destroy the definition of gender but at least we should be able to avoid any storm of pets pelting us from above.

August 29, 2008 9:15 AM  

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