Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interesting Correction at the Smithsonian

Here's what we like to see. Even before the doors have slammed shut behind this administration, the propaganda machine is losing ground. From WTOP:
MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) - U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders has persuaded the Smithsonian Institution to change the caption on a new portrait of President George W. Bush.

The Vermont independent had objected to wording in the caption that said Bush's time in office was "marked by a series of catastrophic events" including "the attacks on September 11, 2001, that led to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq."

In a Jan. 7 letter to the director of the National Portrait Gallery, Sanders said the notion the terrorist attacks were linked to or led to the Iraq war has been widely debunked.

Gallery Director Martin Sullivan wrote back Monday to say the label will be revised and will delete the words "led to." Smithsonian OKs tweak to caption on Bush portrait


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only way 9/11 led to the wars was because Bush and his cronies said it did. There was no connection. Bin Laden and most of the murderers were from Saudi Arabia.

January 14, 2009 1:37 PM  
Blogger Frank Lee said...

Anonymous: What a crock!
Clinton let Bin Laden establish terrorist oppression in Afghanistan, we tried to capture him there. Sadam violated 17 UN resolutions, was paying $25,000 to families of suicide bombers, was deemed to have WMD by several international intelligence agencies and was threatening Israel and the US. When presented with more than enough facts, the US Congress authorized military action against Iraq.
Stupid liberals, including many in the major media have explicitly and erroneously stated that we attacked Iraq because of 9/11. The administration has given up correcting these cretins. Your voting privileges should be revoked.

January 17, 2009 11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, yeah, good idea, Frank. Liberals shouldn't be allowed to vote. That will make America a better country!

January 17, 2009 11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another point worth considering is that Al Quaeda has suffering a significant, probably fatal, blow in Iraq. The Iraq war was justified because of Saddam's violations of truce agreements he signed after being allowed to remain in power when his invasion of Kuwait was reversed.

This justified action was substantially completed and Bush was correct that the mission was accomplished. The trouble was that al quaeda then tried to intervene and make Iraq a convenient battleground in their attempt to harm America.

A year after 9/11, much of the Arab street admired al quaeda for taking on the U.S..

In Iraq, al quaeda's true colors were displayed and the Iraq people chose to ally with America and support democracy. Al quaeda will likely never recover.

January 17, 2009 12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al quaeda [sic] will likely never recover.

Sounds about as likely as:

"Don't worry, it's a slam-dunk."

"We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud."

"The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

"They'll greet us as liberators with flowers."

"The war will pay for itself."

Bush was correct that the mission was accomplished.

No he wasn't. In fact at his final press conference last Monday President George W. Bush admitted Monday it had been a mistake to hang a banner saying "mission accomplished" on a US battleship where he declared major combat operations in Iraq over in 2003.

"Clearly, putting a 'mission accomplished' on an aircraft carrier was a mistake," Bush said when asked at what he said would be his final press conference about any errors he had made in his eight years in office.

"It sent the wrong message. We were trying to say something differently but, nevertheless, it conveyed a different message."

The conflict in Iraq launched with the US-led invasion in March 2003 is now approaching its sixth anniversary and thousands of US troops remain in the country.

"Obviously, some of my rhetoric has been a mistake," Bush said

January 17, 2009 2:52 PM  

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