Thursday, July 23, 2009

AA Responds to Anti-Gay Vandals

American Apparel posted a statement on the company web site about this week's window-smashing.
Yesterday an American Apparel store in Silver Spring, Maryland had a window broken by someone upset over the company's support for gay marriage. Our Georgetown location and others in the areas have received similar threats. We just wanted to use this forum here to announce that not only are they not going to prevent us from speaking out on an issue that is important to this company and our employees but we'll continue to run Legalize Gay advertisements in papers across the DC-Metro area. We'll also send Legalize Gay t-shirts to any group in Washington DC that is fighting for gay rights and will help support any protest or rally for the cause.

We don't find this kind of thing funny and we definitely don't find it intimidating. Thanks to everyone who has reached out to us and if you need anything please contact: Jonny at or (213) 488-0226.

American Apparel responds to those who destroyed Legalize Gay window

On the other hand, DCist reports that "the Silver Spring store has since removed its front window display." Maybe one of our commenters will drive by there today and confirm if that's correct.

You have to think of this as a marketing move, of course, but you also have to realize the fact that American Apparel recognizes that the way to sell clothing to fashion-conscious young people is by supporting gay rights, and not timidly, not passively.


Anonymous the wheel's still in spin said...

You know, one of the encouraging things about the role models young kids have these days is how wholesome they are.

The Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus...

They're all homeschooled, born-again Christians who support abstinence before marriage.

The most wholesome group of teen idols since the early days of the British Invasion.

Now, the latest from this year's Heisman Trophy winner:

"We already knew Tim Tebow had the ability to kill a man with a forearm and get popcorn to pop by staring at kernels, now he's given yet another example of his superhuman powers. The most popular player in SEC history is saving himself for marriage."

The boring old fart generation mocked the Jonas Brothers last year at the MTV awards for wearing purity rings.

get out of the way if you can't lend a hand

the times they are-a changin'

July 23, 2009 2:09 PM  

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