Sunday, October 04, 2009

Antipatriots Cheer US Failure

You'd think they'd be embarrassed. But the truth is, there is a population of dangerous nuts out there who really do want America to fail. Watching this video, you realize how they see themselves, they think this is the norm, failure is a goal for them, they applaud the news when America comes in last.

Hosting the Olympics is a big deal. It brings in a lot of money, it creates thousands of jobs over years of time, it is prestigious, there are just a gazillion reason why it's a good thing. It's a big enough deal for the President of the United States to go give a presentation and try to book the gig. Even Oprah went.

The US turned on the charm, turned up the firepower, the President himself went to Copenhagen to make the pitch. There are people in our country who want failure for anything the President does, it doesn't matter if it's good for the country, they only see things in terms of sibling rivalry, it only matters what's good for the Republican Party.

Watch this video. These are people at the Americans for Prosperity "Defending the American Dream Summit," when they get the word that Chicago was eliminated in the Olympic selection process. They are ecstatic, this is the best news they could get. Boo America! Yay for Rio, or any place that is not the United States!

I could see if they wanted to focus on some faux pas that the President made, a word he stumbled over, a misstatement that exaggerated his own importance. It's fine for the Republicans to try to find a way to beat the Democrats in the next election.

But this has gone beyond that, this isn't partisan, it's not Republicans against Democrats. It turns out these people have no concept of "united we stand," or if they do it is a concept where "we" are bounded by religion, skin-tone, sexual identity, language. These white people want "their country" back, they don't consider the Negro President to be one of them, all these brown people with Spanish accents, the queers and she-males and feminazis acting like they own the place. They want their "real" America back the way it used to be, with straight white Christian men running things.

To tell you the truth, I didn't much care if the US got the Olympics or not, and I was hardly aware they were deciding. The committee chose Rio de Janeiro, and that sounds good, Rio can use the business, I have a friend who was robbed on the beach there in plain daylight, they said there are big parts of town you just can't go into, lots of desperation and poverty. I don't really care if Chicago or some other city gets the Olympics, personally, but I am not rooting against America. I was in Beijing a year or so before they hosted the Olympics, and you could see the whole city was energized, the skyline was a tapestry of cranes and new structures. It looks like it is really a big thing to host the Olympics.

According to Think Progress, the Weekly Standard, an extreme conservative media outlet, announced that “Cheers erupt at WEEKLY STANDARD world headquarters” when the news was announced. Later they changed the blog post but you know how the Internet is. For the antipatriotic sector of America, failure is the biggest success they can wish for.

I don't mind that a party fights to win. I do mind when a political party encourages armed insurrection and secession of states, when every elected official of the losing party votes against important legislation just to make the winning party look bad. Our side waited for four years while the country was being run into a ditch, then had a heartbreaking loss, then waited another four years. It was hard, sorry, this is America, that's what you do. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Republicans are not voting against important legislation just to make the other side look bad, as you incorrectly state. There are real, important differences.

Suppose you became president, and your TTF board members represented the majority party in Congress and I represented the minority party in Congress. And suppose you wanted to pass gender identity legislation, same sex marriage legislation, etc. Well, when I vote against your legislation, you can't then turn around and claim that I voted against them simply to make you look bad. You would have known, beforehand, that I was going to vote against those laws.

Just like...if I were in the majority party, and passed a law to repeal gender identity legislation, and you voted against that -- I couldn't then turn around and claim that you were voting against me to make me look bad. You would be voting against it because you truly believe it's not good.

Regarding the Olympics....half the people polled in Chicago didn't even want the Olympics to come to their city.

Besides, the US has had the Olympics four or five times in recent years. South America has never had it. Three cheers for Rio.

October 04, 2009 8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

andrea- not anon
I knew Grayson was Jewish but Rachel,too? My people rock!!!

October 06, 2009 11:51 AM  
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