Tuesday, January 05, 2010

First Transgender Presidential Appointee

I'll go ahead and use the FOXNews take on this one:
One of the first-ever transgender presidential appointees, a former test pilot named Amanda who used to be called Mitch, began work Tuesday at the Commerce Department.

Amanda Simpson was appointed to be a senior technical adviser in the department's Bureau of Industry and Security.

She worked in the aerospace and defense industry for three decades and most recently worked for Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Ariz. According to MyFoxPhoenix, she made history in 2004 by becoming the first openly transgender candidate to win a primary -- she ran for the Arizona House of Representatives but lost in the general election.

Simpson said in a written statement that she was "truly honored" to join the Commerce Department.

"As one of the first transgender presidential appointees to the federal government, I hope that I will soon be one of hundreds, and that this appointment opens future opportunities for many others," she said, in a statement put out by The National Center for Transgender Equality, where Simpson served as a board member.

According to a 2002 article on Simpson in the Arizona Daily Star, she went under the name Mitch for 39 years until undergoing six surgeries at a cost of $70,000 to make the transition from male to female. Transgender Appointee Begins Work at Commerce Department

She'll settle into her job in the Bureau of Industry and Security, and that might be the last we hear from her. I mean, have you ever even heard of that Bureau before? There will be a couple of speeches and then the lady has work to do.

Thirty years in aerospace and defense, and it sounds like she is qualified. What else do you need to know? This is of course a groundbreaking appointment, but there is no indication that she was hired because she is a transgender woman, it sounds like they picked the best person for the job. I can't imagine why a person's gender would have anything to do with advising the Commerce Department on industry and security issues.

Of course the nutty ones are clamoring. "Porno Pete" LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, said to CitizenLink, "Is there going to be a transgender quota now in the Obama administration? How far does this politics of gay and transgender activism go? Clearly this is an administration that is pandering to the gay lobby."

Y'know, Pete, the "gay lobby" doesn't think so. There has been a big movement among some gay activists to Don't ask, don't give to Obama or the Democratic congressmen who have failed to support LGBT causes. Course, it could be a trick, you know how they are.

Now that there's been a first transgender appointee, I don't expect the second to get much press, and that's how it should be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Of course the nutty ones are clamoring. "Porno Pete" LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, said to CitizenLink, "Is there going to be a transgender quota now in the Obama administration? How far does this politics of gay and transgender activism go? Clearly this is an administration that is pandering to the gay lobby."

Y'know, Pete, the "gay lobby" doesn't think so."

Jim, you're quoting Porno Pete out of context. He said this in response to a guy from the National Center for Transgender Equality saying he wants there to be "hundreds of transgender presidential appointees".

I will say that Simpson pulls off the charade very well. I can't tell it's a guy from the picture.

January 05, 2010 6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, look who needs to get a life:

"In an interview with Sean Hannity, GOP chairman Michael Steele said that the Republican Party platform is "one of the best political documents that's been written in the past 25 years -- Honest Injun on that."

The term "Injun," an intentional mispronunciation of the word "Indian," is widely seen as a derogatory way to refer to Native Americans."

that's right, politically correct liberal idiots

January 05, 2010 8:09 PM  
Blogger JimK said...

Anon said, Jim, you're quoting Porno Pete out of context. He said this in response to a guy from the National Center for Transgender Equality saying he wants there to be "hundreds of transgender presidential appointees".

Normally I don't bother with Anon's lies, but sometimes I take it personally and feel the urge to defend myself. Here is the section of the CitizenLink piece that talks about LaBarbera (this is the start of the article):
Amanda Simpson, a former test pilot for Raytheon, has been named to the Bureau of Industry and Security as Senior Technical Advisor by President Barack Obama. Simpson, who now identifies as a female, was nominated by the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE).

In a news release from NCTE, Simpson expressed hope to "soon be one of hundreds (of transgender presidential appointees)."

"Is there going to be a transgender quota now in the Obama administration?" asked Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth. "How far does this politics of gay and transgender activism go? Clearly this is an administration that is pandering to the gay lobby."

According to most estimates, "transgender" individuals account for less than a fraction of 1 percent of the population. Yet, LaBarbera said, they have convinced the Obama administration to affirm their position that gender is fluid and changeable.

"We should consider what transgender activism is about," he said," which is essentially recognizing civil rights based on gender confusion."

There is nothing about anybody wanting hundreds of anything. If the quote was taken out of context, that was done by Focus on the Family's newsletter.


January 05, 2010 9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a news release from NCTE, Simpson expressed hope to "soon be one of hundreds (of transgender presidential appointees)."

January 05, 2010 10:42 PM  
Anonymous svelte_brunette said...

According to The NY Daily News ( http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2010/01/04/2010-01-04_cmklzcxmxcz.html )

“Simpson, 49, underwent a sex change about a decade ago while working in Tuscon for Raytheon Missile Systems, where she rose to the job of deputy director.”

Given her position of authority at Raytheon, I have to suspect she also had a security clearance. I imagine she oversaw numerous projects that affect our national security. She was also a test pilot, earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Harvey Mudd (one of THE top engineering schools in the country) an MS in engineering from UC, and another master’s degree (in Business Admin) from the University of Arizona. Oh, and somehow she managed to find time to earn a transport pilot’s licensed and become a certified flight instructor.

With qualifications like this, it’s hard to imagine finding someone else that is actually more qualified.

I guess if people want to start getting presidential appointments in the future, they’d better start earning a few degrees.

Have a nice day,


January 05, 2010 11:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I have to suspect she also had a security clearance."

Whatever happened to the good old days when gays couldn't get security clearance?

Ever see North by Northwest?

The Russians were able to compromise Martin Landau because of his gaiety. James Mason mocks his sexual preference.

Anyone know any other nostalgic moments of realistic gay portrayals in Hollywood?

January 06, 2010 12:01 AM  
Blogger Orin Ryssman said...

It would appear that Amanda Simpson is very qualified for the position she was appointed to...good grief, the degree from Harvey Mudd College alone is impressive. It just happens to be a fact that she is a transgendered woman as well.

I wish her well.

January 06, 2010 12:02 AM  
Anonymous svelte_brunette said...

Anon asked:

“Whatever happened to the good old days when gays couldn't get security clearance?:

The days of denying good people jobs because someone is fixated with their sexuality are slowly coming to an end. Get used to it.

“The Russians were able to compromise Martin Landau because of his gaiety. James Mason mocks his sexual preference.”

Putting aside for a moment this was a movie, as society slowly becomes more tolerant of GLBT persons, finding out someone is gay will solicit the response “so what?”, making it impossible to compromise someone for their sexual preference, thus increasing national security.

I know 2 people who currently have security clearances and are openly trans. What exactly can you threaten them with to try and compromise them? They’ve already risked losing everything, and lost friends and family along the way. You can’t scare them by threatening to cut off certain body parts… short of threatening them with execution (which you can do to anyone) it’s hard to imagine contriving a motivator for compromising an out trans person. People already know the worst possible thing they possibly can about them.

Enjoy your gay movies.


January 06, 2010 12:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Get used to it."

Oh, alright.

"I know 2 people who currently have security clearances and are openly trans."

Are they the ones in charge of making sure strangers don't stroll into the White House or are they in charge of making sure extremists don't board planes with explosives in their underwear?

"What exactly can you threaten them with to try and compromise them?"

Maybe the Russians would threaten to refer to them by a pronoun that identifies their biological gender.

That usually gives them the willies.

"Enjoy your gay movies."

Thanks but I'm not into film adaptions of Broadway musicals.

January 06, 2010 12:48 AM  
Anonymous Robert said...

But you love Broadway musicals, don't you? Uh huh.

January 06, 2010 7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"what did I go for

spend all my dough for

to tell the truth

I went to see those fabulous dames"

extra credit for the first person to identify the show

good news on the political front:

two Democratic Senators, Dorgan of North Dakota and Dodd of Connecticut have announced they are quitting

be careful not to let the door hit you on the way out, guys

January 06, 2010 8:07 AM  
Anonymous Aunt Bea said...

Salon reports another example of Steele's leadership:

"HANNITY: I think this is one of the most important mid-term elections that, as I said earlier, in our lifetime. So here's my -- I'm going to put you on record in January, and I'm going to play this back to you in November.

STEELE: Okay, I'm there.

HANNITY: Predictions for the election.

STEELE: Predictions for the election. I think that overall -- and we're beginning now to do the assessments on the various races. But I think overall, given what we know so far and what this administration's proclivities are, we're going to see, I think, nice pick-ups in the House. I think we're going to see --

HANNITY: More specific.

STEELE: Well, I can't give a number yet, because, like I said, we're just now beginning to look at the races. And we have races where it hasn't been declared --

HANNITY: Do you think you could take over the House? Do you think Republicans --

STEELE: Not this year. And Sean, I'll say honestly --

HANNITY: You don't think so.

STEELE: Well, I don't yet, because I don't know who all the candidates -- we still have some vacancies that need to get filled. But then the question we need to ask ourselves is, if we do that, are we ready?

With the announcements that Senators Dodd and Dornan will not seek reelection, there are now 12 Democrats in Congress who have announced they will not seek reelection in 2010 and 14 Republicans. Anone better hope Steele is wrong, again -- "Not this year."

January 06, 2010 8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fascinating, anon-B

Steele is smart to not overplay expectations

if you want to take comfort in that, be my guest

the more Democrats that are lulled into complacency, the better

January 06, 2010 8:49 AM  
Anonymous Robert said...

Loudoun County Virginia adds Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to non-discrimination policy

This affects the county government's hiring procedures; it is not an ordinance for other employers in the county.

Eugene Delgaudio, Loudoun's answer to Tres Kerns, brings up the bathroom issue.

The reference to the Attorney General's telling Fairfax County Public Schools that they could not do this was in response to the threat of a lawsuit made by PFOX, Concerned Women and their allies.

Loudoun County is sort of a nexus for national and state-wide anti-lgbt groups, including Patrick Henry College and other extremely conservative groups.

I bet there will be a huge fuss about this in Virginia, with Ken Cuccinelli as the new attorney general of the state.


January 06, 2010 9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like we've got a change in government coming in Loudoun

when will they ever learn

January 06, 2010 10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG - Amanda Simpson has been appointed to a significant position as a Senior Technical Advisor! Run for the hills!! There will be no safe restrooms in any government agency or building from now on! Imagine the chaos and threatened sexual assaults that will take place in the exclusive gyms of our government offices.

LaBarbera and others of his ilk (including our resident "Anonymous" troll) are agents of bigotry, hate, and fear. Fortunately the tide of history is about to swamp them and drag them into the depths of their own created hells.

January 06, 2010 10:27 AM  
Anonymous Robert said...

US Federal Jobs Website includes Gender Identity as a category of people against whom discrimination is prohibited, NY Times reports

Our own Peter Spriggs of the Family Research council is quoted in the Times article opposing this, apparently for mental health reasons.

January 06, 2010 11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all very interesting but it's obvious our government has been taken over by lunatics and just as obvious that this won't last long

November 2010 is just around the corner

meanwhile, the lunatics have begun to turn on one another:

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tuesday defended the transparency of health care reform deliberations so far, and said no decision has been made about whether to skip a formal conference committee process to combine the House and Senate versions of the bills, which differ significantly.

"We don't know what route we will take," she said during a press conference on Capitol Hill.

Pelosi was pressed about whether she would open the negotiations to C-SPAN cameras, as the cable network requested in a letter to her Tuesday morning.

One reporter noted that during his campaign, President Obama had advocated for airing the health reform deliberations. "Really?" Pelosi responded. "There are a number of things he was for on the campaign trail.""

words of wisdom, Nancy

words of wisdom

January 06, 2010 11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Democratic Party’s House campaign chief, Chris Van Hollen, is daring the GOP to nationalize the 2010 elections as a referendum on Obama"

well, I think they'll call his bluff

Nancy Pelosi's right: Obama said a lot of things in his campaign

Dems are dropping like flies, as we speak

in addition to the Senators from North Dakota and Connecticut, today the Democratic governor of Colorado announced he won't run

he was trailing badly in the polls

also, the frontruner for the Democratic nomination for governor in Michigan, the current Lt Gov there, dropped out saying he doesn't think enough people we contribute to a Democratic campaign to run a viable race

the Michigan Democratic party has no idea who will run for the nomination now

I think I'll go dig out some Democratic votes from last February

this getting funny

but there ain't no Dems laughing, honey

January 06, 2010 12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"President Obama awoke on Wednesday to a dispiriting reality: Less than a year after taking office on the strength of a historic Democratic sweep, his party is facing a shifting and perilous political environment that could have big implications for this year’s midterm elections and his own agenda.

The rapid swing was underscored by the sudden announcements that Senators Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut and Byron L. Dorgan of North Dakota would rather retire than fight the uphill – and uncertain – battle toward re-election. Word that the Democratic governor of Colorado, Bill Ritter, had made the same decision only heightened the perception that the party’s fortunes had turned after a year in which a conservative push against Mr. Obama’s ambitious agenda, a sluggish recovery from the deep recession and an outbreak of angry populism nibbled away at his political strength.

Seldom has a week passed where a Democrat, fearful of the outcome in the midterm elections, hasn’t switched parties or jumped ship entirely. But the decisions from Mr. Dodd and Mr. Dorgan, who have served a combined 46 years in the Senate, brought new attention to the party’s troubles.

The prospect of Democrats holding their Senate majority – 60 votes to overcome Republican filibusters – is now clearly more difficult."

America hasn't changed, kids

they became disenchanted with the Bush administration but their core commitment to a private-based market economy, low marginal tax rates, less governmental intervention, pro-family and pro-life policies, and faith-based social programs remains

get used to it

it'll be a long time before America will give Dems another chance

January 06, 2010 4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is even Massachusetts in question?

you betcha!:

"“I haven’t been to the U.S. Senate, so. . . I’m learning about how it works.” - Martha Coakley

Massachusetts, haven’t we made enough “history?”

In 2006 we cast an “historic” vote for Deval Patrick. What did we get? The highest unemployment in 20 years, $1.5 billion a year in new taxes and taxpayer-subsidized green jobs outsourced to China.

In 2008 we cast an “historic” vote for Barack Obama. What did we get? A trillion-dollar “stimulus” that left us with 2.5 million fewer jobs; a health-care fiasco that will cost $2 trillion more and a would-be Undie-bomber consulting with his attorney in Detroit.

Now it’s 2010, and Martha “as the only woman in the race” Coakley wants us to trust her with on-the-job training. Do we really need that deja vu all over again?

Perhaps not. The Rasmussen poll giving Coakley a narrow 9-point lead shows that even uber-liberal Massachusetts can only take so much.

The poll also shows that Scott Brown supporters are far more motivated than Coakley’s - and that was before yesterday’s debate.

On question after question, Coakley offered every possible response save one: an answer.

Does she support the billion-dollar bribery offered to senators for their votes on ObamaCare? Her answer: “There’s been horse trading.”

OK, but does she think that’s good or bad? “I agree people are questioning the process.”

Yes, Martha, people are. But what about you? No answer.

Does she support profiling airline passengers in the wake of the Jock-Strap Jihadist case? “We’ve increased profiling to everyone who flies an airplane.”

But a profile that includes everyone is - obviously - not a profile. It’s just a passenger list. Does she favor real profiling that would include a Nigerian Muslim with no luggage and a cash ticket?

Again, no answer.

Does she support trying Osama bin Laden as an unlawful combatant instead of treating him like the Undie-bomber and lawyering him up? “He will be tried in the military tribunal system,” Coakley said on WTKK.

Finally, a straight answer . . . but wait!

“I assume he won’t be landing on a plane in Detroit,” Coakley said. “If he is captured as an enemy combatant, then he will tried” by a tribunal.

Get that - if.

Coakley’s anti-terrorism strategy comes from the real estate industry: location, location, location. Terrorists who are cooperative enough to get caught in Afghanistan may (or may not) be handled by the military. But if the Islamist’s lingerie doesn’t explode until he gets over sovereign U.S. soil, he gets a lawyer and the right to remain silent on future attacks.

Osama bin Laden, book your flight now!

Listening to Coakley play debate dodgeball, one could hear Nixonian echoes: What does she not know, and how long has she not known it?

When asked about the burden of the $2 trillion Obama cap-and-trade plan she supports, she claimed she didn’t know where that figure came from. (Answer: the White House, as reported in many media outlets.)

When asked about ObamaCare’s costs, again she demurred. We don’t really know what it’s going to cost, she admitted, but we ought to do it anyway.

If you’ve had enough of Washington liberals’ “do it anyway” agenda, a defeat for Martha - or even a narrow victory - in deep-blue Massachusetts would be felt in every Democratic swing district across Obama’s 57 states."

January 06, 2010 4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and then there's Arkansas:

"Four Republican opponents lead Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D) in potential general election matchups, according to a new Rasmussen survey. On top of trailing each Republican by at least 8 points and never reaching even 40% support, 55% say they hold an unfavorable opinion of the second-term senator."

is anything going right for the Dems?

January 06, 2010 4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TTF was up all night


trying to keep the latent depression

from crystalizing

now the sun is lurking just beyond

the scarborough horizon

and change ain't even here

it's the coldest night of the year

January 07, 2010 12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi kids!

According to Gallup yesterday, Barry Obama begins his second year with a 44% disapproval assessment by Americans.

That's the highest of any president at the beginning of their second year.


Oh, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, previously a supporter of Obamacare, yesterday denounced the bills in Congress, calling them "healthcare to nowhere" and urged the California congressional delegation to vote against them.

Isn't Nancy Pelosi part of that delegation?

January 07, 2010 3:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, but nancy already says barry made too many promises during his campaign

January 07, 2010 3:37 AM  
Anonymous Aunt Bea said...

We see who was up after midnight, obsessively commenting here at Vigilance.

two Democratic Senators, Dorgan of North Dakota and Dodd of Connecticut have announced they are quitting

be careful not to let the door hit you on the way out, guys

So if two sitting Senators from a party decide not to run for re-election means the door might hit that party on the way out, what does it mean when six sitting Senators from the other party have decided not to run for reelection???

Kit Bond of Missouri, Sam Brownback of Kansas, Jim Bunning of Kentucky, Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, George Voinovich of Ohio, and Mel Martinez and his replacement George LeMieux of Florida are all sitting GOP Senators who have decided not to run for reelection in 2010.

You might want to tell your GOP friends to not let the floor fall out from under their Just Say No To Governing stance.

and change ain't even here

it's the coldest night of the year

Yesterday's WaPo had a nice little article explaining the difference between weather and climate. It noted:

...the cold snap doesn't disprove global warming at all - it's just a blip in the long-term heating trend.

"It's part of natural variability," said Gerald Meehl, a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. With global warming, he said, "we'll still have record cold temperatures. We'll just have fewer of them."

Deke Arndt of the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C., noted that 2009 will rank among the 10 warmest years for Earth since 1880.

Scientists say man-made climate change does have the potential to cause more frequent and more severe weather extremes, such as heat waves, storms, floods, droughts and even cold spells. But experts interviewed by The Associated Press did not connect the current frigid blast to climate change.

So what is going on?

"We basically have seen just a big outbreak of Arctic air" over populated areas of the Northern Hemisphere, Arndt said. "The Arctic air has really turned itself loose on us."

In the atmosphere, large rivers of air travel roughly west to east around the globe between the Arctic and the tropics. This air flow acts like a fence to keep Arctic air confined.

But recently, this air flow has become bent into a pronounced zigzag pattern, meandering north and south. If you live in a place where it brings air up from the south, you get warm weather. In fact, record highs were reported this week in Washington state and Alaska.

But in the eastern United States, like some other unlucky parts of the globe, Arctic air is swooping down from the north. And that's how you get a temperature of 3 degrees in Beijing, a reading of minus-42 in mainland Norway, and 18 inches of snow in parts of Britain, where a member of Parliament who said the snow "clearly indicates a cooling trend" was jeered by colleagues...

January 07, 2010 8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, inane-B, retiring senators are only a problem where the party is weak anyway

the Repubs retiring are all in states likely to elect a Repub anyway

Dorgan, from a state that went for McCain in 2008, is almost certain to be a loss for Dems

his departure is a shock wave that has Dems panicked

admittedly, Dodd's departure may be a blessing for Dems because they can now run someone who isn't complicit in the health care catastrophe

you have to look at each case seperately but it's a finite group and if the election were today, Dems Senate advantage would drop to 51-49 and the House would be lost

keep navel gazing about the weather, anon-B, but the theory of anthropogenic global warming has not withstood empirical observation

2009 was warm but not more so than 1998; 2008 was cool

overall, it appears that we are still recovering from the ice age in the middle of the last millenium

greenhouse effects from human activity are a minimal factor as attested to by the fact that during significant periods during the time since offical measurements have been taken, global temperatures have not correlated with the increase in human carbon emissions

in your inane discussion, it could be that the oscillation bringing cold air down is part of a balancing factor designed to ameliorate global warming at some point

real point is that scientists have somehow fallen into the trap of overstating their understanding of the process

they don't know what the temperature will be or why

January 07, 2010 3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mars ain't no kind of place

to raise a kid

in fact

it's cold as hell"

apparently, it's warmer than the U.S. heartland:

"DES MOINES, Iowa (Jan. 7) -- Snow was piled so high in Iowa that drivers couldn't see across intersections and a North Dakota snowblower repair shop was overwhelmed with business as heavy snow and wind chills as low as 52 below zero blasted much of the Midwest on Thursday.

Frigid weather also gripped the South, where a rare cold snap was expected to bring snow and ice Thursday to states from South Carolina to Louisiana. Forecasters said wind chills could drop to near zero at night in some areas.

In Bowbells, in northwestern North Dakota, the wind chill hit 52-below zero Thursday morning.

"The air freezes your nostrils, your eyes water and your chest burns from breathing - and that's just going from the house to your vehicle," said Jane Tetrault, the Burke County deputy auditor.

Her vehicle started, but the tires were frozen.

"It was bump, bump, bump all the way to work with the flat spots on my tires," Tetrault said. "It was a pretty rough ride."

Other parts of the Midwest also had dangerously cold wind chills, including negative 40 in parts of South Dakota and minus 27 in northeast Nebraska, according to the National Weather Service. Equally disturbing chills were expected overnight Friday.

An additional 10 inches of snow was expected in Iowa, already buried by more than 2 feet of snow in December, while up to 9 inches could fall in southeast North Dakota that forecasters warned would create hazardous zero-visibility driving conditions. Wind gusts of 30 miles per hour were expected in Illinois - along with a foot of snow - while large drifts were anticipated in Nebraska and Iowa.

Joe Dietrich said he had to turn away dozens of customers this week from his snowblower repair shop in Bismarck, N.D.

"My building is only so big and I can only take so many," Dietrich said.

The weather hasn't let up since sweeping into the eastern U.S. earlier this week. Five straight days of double-digit subzero low temperatures, including negative 19, were recorded by the National Weather Service office in Chanhassen, Minn., a Twin Cities suburb.

"It's brutally cold, definitely brutal," meteorologist Tony Zaleski said."

January 07, 2010 3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"(Jan. 7) -- Amid this week's speculation about potential Tea Party leaders comes word that Sarah Palin has agreed to deliver the keynote speech at the movement's first national convention next month.

It will be Palin's first political speech in months, and it's significant that she chose the Tea Party event after twice passing on chances to address the well-established Conservative Political Action Committee.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is wildly popular among Tea Party activists.The Feb. 6 appearance in Nashville gives Palin the opportunity to "take up the mantle that has been waiting for her as the movement's most visible and popular hero," said The Atlantic's Chris Good.

Among the other conservative luminaries who will speak at the convention is Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who has been a headliner at other Tea Party events. But Palin is by far the event's biggest attraction. And she'll take center stage at a time when the Tea Party is showing it can influence election results."

January 07, 2010 6:52 PM  
Anonymous American Citizen said...

I like that Sarah Palin

January 07, 2010 7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NJ votes down gay marriage

January 07, 2010 7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the New Jersey Senate, they're good people:

"TRENTON, N.J. -New Jersey's state Senate has defeated a bill to legalize gay marriage, leaving it unlikely the state will have a gay marriage law in the very near future.

Gay rights lunatics had pushed hard to get the bill passed before Jan. 19, when Republican Chris Christie becomes governor. Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine promised to sign the bill if approved by the Legislature but Christie has said he would veto it."

the despicable day of anti-family forces is nearing nightfall

January 07, 2010 7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's having a Tea Party

and everybody's going

I know it's gonna be alot of fun

and, by the way,

it's snowing

it's been a short, short time

since Sarah's been on our mind

but, it's time to say:

gee whiz,

she's winning!

January 07, 2010 10:30 PM  
Anonymous Aunt Bea said...

retiring senators are only a problem where the party is weak anyway

There was a very interesting article over at the Washington Times yesterday, Steele's side pursuits drive away big donors. It includes quotes by some big GOP donors and past RNC chiefs about the fundraising weakness of the RNC under Michael Steele.

It seems Mr. Steele hasn't made any phone calls to wealthy longtime GOP contributors and they don't like the fact that he's accepting payment for speeches in addition to his RNC salary, or the fact that he's spending so much time promoting his own book. He's supposed to be fundraising for the GOP, not for himself. The Moonie rag reported:

"...Republican donors have been far more generous recently to the Republican Governors Association (RGA) and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) than to the RNC, despite polls showing that Democrats in Congress are vulnerable and conceivably could lose control of the House and several Senate seats.

The RGA has $25 million cash on hand - compared with the RNC's $8,749,091 cash on hand. The Democratic National Committee - which historically has been outraised by the RNC - had $13,187,246 cash on hand and was $5 million in debt as of Nov. 30, according to the latest Federal Election Commission report.

Under Mr. Steele, the RNC - which had nearly $23 million in cash and no debts when he took office - spent heavily last year on a string of off-year races, winning big victories in the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial contests but losing two special House races in New York. But the spending has left the RNC with far less money to spend than in other election cycles.

At this time in 2005, the RNC had $34 million in cash on hand, but even that wasn't enough to keep the party from losing its House and Senate majorities in November 2006, for the first time in 12 years.

The imbalance could mean that congressional Republican leaders such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and House Minority Leader John A. Boehner of Ohio will have fewer resources from the national party coffers for the 2010 midterms, compared with the Republican gubernatorial hopefuls supported by RGA Chairman Haley Barbour.

The GOP has targeted from 48 to 70 House races - it won't say publicly exactly how many - for November, far more than in 2005. Party officials say privately that they will need at least $50 million cash on hand by this fall to augment spending by the NRCC in those House races and to help the NRSC pick up four to six seats..."

No $50 million on hand for the RNC while big GOP contributors complain about Steele's lack of outreach except for his own gain, six of forty GOP sitting Senators deciding not to seek reelection in 2010 (vs. two of sixty sitting Democrats), and fourteen of 178 GOP sitting US Representatives doing the same (vs. ten of 256 sitting Democrats) [Note: Alabama House, District 40 is vacant] so far, are troubling signs of weakness of the Republican party.

January 08, 2010 7:23 AM  
Anonymous Aunt Bea said...

keep navel gazing about the weather, anon-B

Anone is the one who keeps talking weather, I'm talking climate, specifically climate change. Since pictures are worth a thousand words and since Vigilance readers know Anone has had a long history of trouble with reading comprehension, I offer these graphs from Wikipedia:

Atmospheric carbon dioxide measured at Mauna Loa, Hawaii. Note the climb from 1960-2004.

Global temperatures 1880-2004 compiled from data from NASA and Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Note the climb from 1960-2004.

Two thousand year temperature comparison. Note the climb from 1960-2004 in that last little sliver on the right hand side.

Holocene temperatures variations over the last 12,000 years. Note the arrow on the left axis pointing to 2004's temperature.

Now tell us again "global temperatures have not correlated with the increase in human carbon emissions" and "it appears that we are still recovering from the ice age in the middle of the last millenium" so Vigilance readers can appreciate how willfully blind you truly are.

January 08, 2010 7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting that anon-B's reaction to the mess the Democrats are in is to talk about Michael Steele's fundraising problems

you might not be aware, AB, that Van Hollen is having the same problem in the Dem camp

granted they have more reserves right now because they still have money from 2008, when they flim-flamed the American public, but a few speeches by Sarah Palin will even things out

no current Dem can match her fundraising and rallying clout

she is what Obama was in 2008

on anon-B's brilliant use of that authoritative source, wikipedia, the site any layman can change, yes, we are indeed still returning to normal from the last ice age

this process just happened to coincide with the time when empirical measurements began to be made and also when the industrial revolution occurred

there is no reason to believe, hoewever, that 1975-1998 is a more significant period of time than 1945-1975 or 1998-2008

sorry, charlie

you swallowed a line with a hook and the alarmists hauled you in

January 08, 2010 11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good news

the proposed law in Uganda has now completely dropped the death penalty for homosexual activity

the maximum penalty now will be life imprisonment, which as we all know, is not incompatible at all with the gay lifestyle

judging from gay pride parade floats, many gays actually have fantasies about just such a situation

in the words of Paul McCartney, let it be

January 08, 2010 11:08 AM  
Anonymous Robert said...

Anonymous is channeling Scott Lively.

How many pride parades have you been to? Ever been to Folsom?

January 08, 2010 11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good news

looks like global warming is not as bad as expected in Europe this year:

"(Jan. 8) -- Europe struggled with Arctic-like weather today, with forecasts predicting worse to come.

In Britain, which has been hit by its harshest winter in decades, the coldest day of the season so far was recorded, with temperatures plunging to minus 8.1 degrees Fahrenheit in a Scottish village.

Germany, meanwhile, braced for 15 inches of new snow amid predictions of widespread traffic chaos.

Satellite images released by NASA shows Great Britain covered in snow on Thursday.

France was also expecting more snow, with the national weather office describing the predicted amounts as "significant, exceptional even." Parts of France, notably Provence in the southwest, are without power and hit by transportation delays after about 8 inches of snow fell in recent days.

Northern Spain is also expecting more heavy snow.

Electricity suppliers in Britain say "hundreds" of homes in southern England are still without power, after 5,000 were cut off by weather-related problems Thursday.

Natural gas supplies were turned off Thursday at more than 100 major businesses across the country in an effort to protect domestic power supplies, The Times of London reported.

Flights were disrupted in France, the Netherlands, the Irish Republic and Britain on Thursday.

Last month, the Eurostar service was suspended for three days when a number of trains broke down in the tunnel after snow found its way into their engines.

The outlook for Germany remained particularly bleak.

"What is being forecast for the weekend could lead to chaotic traffic conditions and potentially leave large parts of Germany completely paralyzed," the Auto Club Europa warned.

Current weather conditions, according to meteorologists, are being caused by high pressure from the polar region, which has pushed cold air from the Arctic toward northern Europe."

January 08, 2010 11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, global warming is not that bad in North America either

"COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jan. 8) - A broad snowstorm pushed eastward early Friday, dumping snow in the Northeast, all part of a powerful cold front engulfing much of the nation."

January 08, 2010 11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good goin', Barry:

"The nation's effort to return to job growth has been a little like that Charlie Brown comic strip scene where he runs to kick the football . . . only to have Lucy pull it out of the way at the last moment. Well, it looks like Lucy swiped the football again. The U.S. Labor Department announced Friday that the economy lost 85,000 jobs in December, dashing expectations of a slight gain.

The December unemployment rate held steady at 10%.

A Bloomberg News economists survey had forecast the economy would add 10,000 jobs in December.

Meanwhile, a separate unemployment gauge, which includes workers who can find only part-time work and discouraged workers, rose to 17.3% in December from 17.2% in November."

January 08, 2010 1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

change ain't even here

it's the coldest night of the year:

"Maybe, for President Barack Obama, the Internet is a two-edged sword, for it helped him raise money and solidify supporters during the campaign, but is right now revealing him as a political deceiver who preaches idealism and practices a kind of fraud.

It's an amazing instrument, this Internet, and is still unfolding awesome powers of communication, such as offering up videos showing such inspiring moments as Obama's promises as a presidential candidate. Why, there he is in one of them saying on no fewer than eight occasions that any negotiations on health-care legislation in his administration would be nationally televised on C-Span.

That's the heart of this guy, isn't it? He wants democracy in something more than name only. He wants to let everyone see everything that's going on so corruption won't raise its ugly head. But wait, because there is another video the public can watch on the Internet, and look, it's Robert Gibbs, Obama's press secretary, and he is evading a questions about the secrecy of negotiations on health-care legislation, and even being contemptuous about it, practically nasty.

This video coverage is of two press conferences. In one, a reporter has told Gibbs that Brian Lamb of C-Span has written a letter saying he would be happy to train cameras on the politicians coming to terms on differing House and Senate versions of passed health bills. The reporter asks whether the same president who wished for such an outcome would go along with it. The pathetic answer is that Gibbs has not read the letter, and when asked more directly whether the president is going to renege on what he had said in the campaign, he repeats that he has not read the letter. In answer to a follow-up question on transparency the next day, Gibbs says he covered that issue the previous day.

Gibbs, it seems, thinks people can be easily fooled with "haven't seen the letter" sleight of hand and other tricks of his trade, and the question is whether he is right. Have the citizens of this nation caught on yet that the candidate they saw in the campaign is not the president they got after the election? And on this particular issue, are they aware of how just how cruel a joke the Democratic health plan has become and just how desperately the president and his leftist cohorts want to foist this measure on us, even to the extent of buying Senate votes?

It's legal, of course, but nonetheless sleazy to make a special deal with Senator Ben Nelson to give his state an extra $100 million in Medicaid support to gain his support of the Senate measure, and that's hardly the end of it. Republicans insist there have been still other deals to help finally enact a break-the-bank health care law that will raise premiums, erase liberties, punish the prosperous, lessen profits, inhibit job creation, crack down on the elderly for living too long and improve medical treatment not one whit.

The few positives in the House and Senate bills could have been achieved by prudent, inexpensive steps, such as gradually shifting federal subsidies for employer-provided insurance to individuals, but those would deny Washington's philosopher kings the control they want, and so it's no wonder they have embraced the technique of subterfuge over openness.

Oh, but hold on, there's an excuse coming up, namely that a Republican Congress during the Bush years played similar secrecy games, and yes, it's true, and what are we therefore to conclude -- that candidate Obama swore to us that if elected he would be just like his predecessor?"

January 08, 2010 5:12 PM  
Anonymous Robert said...

Anonymous seems to like hating on Obama. Been listening to Sean Hannity again?

January 08, 2010 5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the guy, although not as much as I used to.

Problem is, liberal lunatics turned into an untouchable object of worship so, to the minds of morons like you, any criticism sounds like hate.

Good luck with this little mental problem.

January 08, 2010 5:38 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

“It would appear that Amanda Simpson is very qualified for the position she was appointed to... …It just happens to be a fact that she is a transgendered woman as well.

I wish her well.”

I second.

January 08, 2010 10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a surprise position taken by the man of improvisation

January 08, 2010 11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of your charts stop at 2004, so they are USELESS.

the earth has been cooling since...


find us a chart that shows through 2009 with temperature graphs, that would be interesting.

January 08, 2010 11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's useless anyway

the pre-1800's information was manipulated by the East Anglia gang

January 09, 2010 12:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is an interesting article :


January 09, 2010 12:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

excellent article

thanks, alt-anon

January 09, 2010 5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lot of people don't know we have the best medical care in the world:

"Last August the cover of Time pictured President Obama in white coat and stethoscope. The story opened: "The U.S. spends more to get less [health care] than just about every other industrialized country." This trope has dominated media coverage of health-care reform. Yet a majority of Americans opposes Congress's health-care bills. Why?

The comparative ranking system that most critics cite comes from the U.N.'s World Health Organization (WHO). The ranking most often quoted is Overall Performance, where the U.S. is rated No. 37. The Overall Performance Index, however, is adjusted to reflect how well WHO officials believe that a country could have done in relation to its resources.

The scale is heavily subjective: The WHO believes that we could have done better because we do not have universal coverage. What apparently does not matter is that our population has universal access because most physicians treat indigent patients without charge and accept Medicare and Medicaid payments, which do not even cover overhead expenses. The WHO does rank the U.S. No. 1 of 191 countries for "responsiveness to the needs and choices of the individual patient." Isn't responsiveness what health care is all about?

Data assembled by Dr. Ronald Wenger and published recently in the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons indicates that cardiac deaths in the U.S. have fallen by two-thirds over the past 50 years. Polio has been virtually eradicated. Childhood leukemia has a high cure rate. Eight of the top 10 medical advances in the past 20 years were developed or had roots in the U.S.

The Nobel Prizes in medicine and physiology have been awarded to more Americans than to researchers in all other countries combined. Eight of the 10 top-selling drugs in the world were developed by U.S. companies. The U.S. has some of the highest breast, colon and prostate cancer survival rates in the world. And our country ranks first or second in the world in kidney transplants, liver transplants, heart transplants, total knee replacements, coronary artery bypass, and percutaneous coronary interventions.

We have the shortest waiting time for nonemergency surgery in the world; England has one of the longest. In Canada, a country of 35 million citizens, 1 million patients now wait for surgery and another million wait to see specialists.

When my friend, cardiac surgeon Peter Alivizatos, returned to Greece after 10 years heading the heart transplantation program at Baylor University in Dallas, the one-year heart transplant survival rate there was 50%—five-year survival was only 35%. He soon increased those numbers to 94% one-year and 90% five-year survival, which is what we achieve in the U.S. So the next time you hear that the U.S. is No. 37, remember that Greece is No. 14. Cuba, by the way, is No. 39."

January 09, 2010 5:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

let's play "did you know?"

Did you know that after a whirlwind start to his presidency where Barry O was constantly on TV, even becoming the first sitting President to appear on David Letterman, that he has now not taken any questions from reporters since his catastrophic visit to Copenhagen on Dec 18?

I think he's afraid of what they might ask him.

January 09, 2010 7:20 AM  
Anonymous Aunt Bea said...

Those are great articles, Anone. Thanks!

This one:


says Earth "...should be in an actual ice age by 2020 or so."


Tell that to the folks growing fruits and nuts in Greenland. To the Anone looking for 2009 data, the link includes a graph showing the steady decline in Arctic ice from 1978 through 2009 and an image showing 2009 temperature anomalies as high as +8 degrees Celsius over Greenland. The National Snow and Ice Data Center reports that in 2009, "The strongest anomalies (more than 7 degrees Celsius/13 degrees Fahrenheit) were over the Atlantic side of the Arctic, including Baffin Bay and Davis Strait, where ice extent was below average."

And this one:


says the temperature data shows "...a generally rising trend from the Little Ice Age about 500 years ago."

Is that the best evidence to support your belief in global cooling you've found?

You better keep looking!

January 09, 2010 10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Tell that to the folks growing fruits and nuts in Greenland."

If those guys want to see some fruits and nuts, they can just look at TTF's membership rolls.

alt-anon posted an article showing how cooling and warming trends seem to go in 30 year cycles

it included stats and the truth is greenhouse gas emmissions steadily increased during this period so anthropogenic global warming theory isn't compatible with the facts

we also seem to be recovering from a little ice age in the middle of the last millenium

nothing to see here

move on, folks

January 09, 2010 11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do we really know these Dems?:

"The forceful 2008 endorsement of Barack Obama by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy – and Kennedy's sudden break with the Clintons – was caused in part by a racist comment made by Bill Clinton to Kennedy over the telephone, according to a new campaign book.

Heilemann, asserts on page 218 that after Obama won the Iowa caucuses, Clinton phoned Kennedy and pressed for an endorsement, making the case for his wife. But Bill then went on, belittling Obama in a manner that deeply offended Kennedy. Recounting the conversation later to a friend, Teddy fumed that Clinton had said, A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee."

and, this:

"This was not the best of days for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who found himself apologizing for having referred to candidate Barack Obama in private as a "light-skinned" black with no "Negro dialect," and then having to digest a new poll saying most Nevadans viewed him unfavorably and would elect any of his potential GOP opponents over him."

January 09, 2010 11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Top Republican congressional aides are fed up with RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

Aides to Republican congressional leaders confronted the Republican Party chairman's staff on a conference call Wednesday, an exchange revealed late Thursday in The Washington Post and earlier in the afternoon on Hotline. The aides contend that Steele -- the face of the Republican Party -- is creating a bad brand with off-the-cuff remarks.

"You really just have to get him to stop. It's too much," a top congressional aide purportedly said on the call.

Hotline, an insider Capitol Hill publication, reported:

"Steele is setting us far back with his comments and it needs to stop," an aide said, according to 2 sources who were on the call.\\ RNC research director Jeff Berkowitz called the Senate aide out of line, but the Senate aide called Steele a "fool," sources said.

In an effort to soothe feelings, a senior House aide interrupted and said he sympathized with RNC aides. But, he added: "You're putting our bosses in tremendously difficult situations...."

After an awkward silence, another aide spoke up: "You really need to have him be quiet." The call ended shortly thereafter.

According to The Post, the call devolved into "a bickering match," with one GOP congressional staffer accused Steele of launching "a Republican apology tour at the exact wrong time," and another asserting that Steele was appearing on TV "unprepared and unknowledgeable."

Steele's staff asserted that they have no control over what he says in his public appearances, and that an outside public relations firm handles many of his bookings.

According to the report, the waters have gotten so stormy that some Republican fundraisers are withholding donations to the RNC out of frustration with Steele.

In an interview with ABC radio Thursday, Steele told his GOP critics to "shut up."

"I tell them to get a life," Steele remarked. "I'm looking them in the eye and say, 'I've had enough of it. If you don't want me in the job, fire me. But until then, shut up. Get with the program or get out of the way.' "

January 10, 2010 1:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whatever anon-B thinks is so fascinating about Michael Steele, a non-office-holder, the public apparently hasn't noticed

generic Congressional polls currently tilt Republican

two Repubs won governor seats in November

the Repub Senate candidate to replace Ted Kennedy has has advanced 23 points in the last month

Steele must be doing something right

Senate aides had a conversation?

Congressional aides are not a particularly popular brand these days

if the public did take notice, they'd echo Steele, "get a life"

January 10, 2010 9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Michael Steele is a . . . "

The Republican consultant I was talking with paused. In anger. In frustration. In exasperation.

"Fool?" I asked. "Buffoon?"

"You name it," he said.

This fellow looked like one of those cartoon characters with steam coming out of his ears. "He's going to destroy the party." So what do you do? I asked. "He's got to go," the consultant said, adding that Steele could face a no-confidence vote at an upcoming national Republican meeting. But bounce the first African-American head of the GOP, at the start of an election season? That sure wouldn't look good. "I know, I know," he muttered, with a tone of resignation.

Steele is having another one of those banner stretches. In recent days, he's come under fire -- from people inside and outside his own party. He has had to defend the practice of accepting big-dollar speaking fees. (Blogger Greg Sargent couldn't get a straight answer out of the Republican Party as to whether Steele is pocketing all the profits from his just-released book.) During a softball interview with Sean Hannity earlier this week, Steele declared that his party was not going to win back Congress this November -- and that Republicans weren't ready to run the House and Senate. What a vote of confidence! Hotline, a political tip sheet, subsequently reported:

House and Senate leadership aides are furious with RNC chair Michael Steele and have angrily confronted the RNC's press shop over their inability to keep the chair on message. In the course of a regular daily conference call between senior Congressional communicators, House and Senate aides berated RNC staffers over Steele's comments that the GOP would not be able to take back the House, and that even if they did, the party would not be prepared to lead.

Moreover, Steele last year directed a spending spree at party HQs that saw the GOP drop a whopping $15 million on a couple of special elections, winning two high-profile governor races but leaving the Republican war chest with only a measly $8.7 million, as it heads into a critical election year. "They're spending money at 2002 levels when they are not raising money at those levels," a GOP operative told The Hill newspaper. "That kind of thing worked when RNC was awash in money, but you can't do that in this environment."

It's no surprise, then, that GOP donors are saying no to Steele and not writing checks to the national Republican Party.

That may be the best reason Republicans have for de-Steele-ing their party. Steele will continue uttering bone-headed remarks. (Earlier this week, he got tripped up by Chris Matthews on "Hardball" when Steele insisted that it is "wrong" to put the suspected underwear-bomber through a criminal trial, even though that's what the Bush-Cheney administration did with the shoe-bomber.) In fact, a few months ago, Steele jokingly said to me, "I'm the gift the keeps on giving." Well, he got that right.

But Steele's bouts of foot-in-mouth disease probably could be forgiven if he were raising money for his party. Or keeping it together. His troubles are occurring while the Republican Party is undergoing a civil war between conservative Tea Party-types and non-conservatives. (I hesitate to call them moderate Republicans.) This vicious, internecine battle recently forced the Republican Party chief in Florida to skedaddle. And there's no signs of this internal fight easing up.

January 10, 2010 10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are at war, Dick Cheney came down last week from “mount megalomania” to announce and, “When President Obama pretends we aren‘t, it makes us less safe.”

If Mr. Cheney believes we are at war, then he, as the most recent former occupant of the vice presidency, is under the strictest obligation to put aside his case of terminal partisanship and rally to the support of his president at a time of war. Instead, his remarks not only give encouragement to the enemies of this country, they give them an exact measure as to how successful they have been in damaging our freedoms.

In a previous time, Mr. Cheney‘s pathetic exploitation of human fears, his undermining of our courage and resolve and clear-headed calm thinking, would have resulted in his being chased off the national stage by a public sick to death of the personal industry he has made of undermining American freedom and of undermining the authority of this elected government.

And in a previous, more resolute time, among journalists in this country, nobody would be pretending that this obvious fact was not true. It would have been in every newspaper, and on every broadcast—after his disgraceful performance since Christmas when terrorist attempt attacks in this country, Dick Cheney is the beneficiary. And if he cannot summon exactly the same kind of absolute apolitical patriotism he demanded of everyone else while he was in office, he is, by his own terms, nothing more or less, morally if not legally, than a traitor to the United States of America.

January 10, 2010 10:48 AM  
Anonymous Aunt Bea said...

alt-anon posted an article showing how cooling and warming trends seem to go in 30 year cycles

Yeah, that's the article that says:

Climatic fluctuations over the past several hundred years suggest ~30 year climatic cycles of global warming and cooling (Figure 3) on a generally rising trend from the Little Ice Age about 500 years ago.

And the data shown in Figure 3 stops at 1960. So tell us Anone, why did this author omit temperature data for 50 years or nearly two of those 30 year cycles he claims occur without fail?

January 10, 2010 11:36 AM  
Anonymous Aunt Bea said...

The Rasmussen poll giving Coakley a narrow 9-point lead shows that even uber-liberal Massachusetts can only take so much.

The poll also shows that Scott Brown supporters are far more motivated than Coakley’s - and that was before yesterday’s debate.

Politics Daily reports

Democrat Coakley Opens Big Lead in Massachusetts Senate Race
Posted: 01/10/10

Democrat Martha Coakley is leading Republican Scott Brown by 50 percent to 35 percent in the race to fill the seat of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, according to a Boston Globe poll of likely voters conducted Jan. 2-6. Nine percent are undecided and 5 percent are supporting an independent candidate. The results contradict two recent polls that had the race closer or tied.

The special election matching up Coakley, the state's attorney general, and Brown, a state senator, is scheduled for Jan. 19.

The Globe said that when undecided voters who are leaning one way or another are added to the mix, Coakley's lead grows to 53 percent to 36 percent. Nearly two-thirds of Brown's supporters believe the Democrat will win.

A Rasmussen Reports poll conducted Jan. 4 had Coakley ahead by only 9 points. A Public Policy Polling survey conducted Jan. 7-9 had the two candidates in a statistical tie.

But of course the only poll that matters will be taken on January 19, 2010.

January 10, 2010 2:09 PM  
Anonymous Aunt Bea said...

The National Snow and Ice Data Center's Arctic Sean Ice News & Analysis reports:

"December 2009 had the fourth-lowest average ice extent for the month since the beginning of satellite records, falling just above the extent for 2007. The linear rate of decline for December is now 3.3% per decade."

Arctic ice extent has been dropping by 3.3% per decade and now there's a Threat From Sea Level Rise Keeps Islanders on Edge

Allan Saramu remembers a favorite spot with coconut trees and a small house in the Solomon Islands that he and others used to visit to have picnics. Over the past few years, it has been slowly swallowed by the sea, the Solomon Star News reports.

Today, all that remains of the island in the South Pacific is a small strip of white sand peeking out from under the ocean. Saramu blames the loss of his island on rising sea levels, possibly due to global warming.

"Very soon it will disappear," Saramu told the Solomon Star. "I wonder what will happen in 10 years' time if the sea continues to rise. I don't want to see all our beautiful tiny islands disappear under water."

Whether the sinking of Saramu's idyllic spot was due to rising sea levels is unproven, but similar stories of island loss have been reported all over the world. In the United States, 13 islands in the Chesapeake Bay were underwater by 2008, according to a report by the Environmental Protection Agency...

A few photographs of rising sea levels around the world for the reading comprehension challenged.

January 12, 2010 8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shorelines have always been in perpetual state of change

no proof that it's caused by human activity

even if it is, no feasible plan has been developed that will stop it

you may remember when Obama won the democratic nomination, he said "today is the day the oceans began to roll back".

instead, he got rolled in Copenhagen

Arctic conditions may be caused by the shifting pole, btw, which no one thinks is the result of human activity

January 12, 2010 8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, "Anonymous"...and if you sail your boat far enough, you will simply fall off of the edge of the world!!! eeeek

January 12, 2010 10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry to upset you, eeek, but there is no proof of global warming being caused by human activity

moreover, the acceleration of temperature increase has stalled over the last decade so the doomsday predictions are all misplaced, as they all assumed things would extraploate in a straight line from 1998

if you think you're sailing off the edge of the world, you are probably actually going off one of the growing ice shelfs in Antarctica

January 12, 2010 2:28 PM  
Anonymous Aunt Bea said...

the acceleration of temperature increase has stalled

Then why is snow melting in Vancouver in January, again this year?

"VANCOUVER (AP) — The ski resort that will host freestyle and snowboarding events at the Vancouver Games is closed because of heavy rain and warm temperatures.

The closure renews concerns about the mild climate during next month's Olympics.

Soft snow conditions bordering on dangerous forced the cancellation of a men's and women's World Cup parallel giant slalom last winter...

the growing ice shelfs in Antarctica

Wrong again. The Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Anomaly is down 0.113.

January 13, 2010 9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Then why is snow melting in Vancouver in January, again this year?"


anon-B regularly says that the cold snap of 2008 and the cold so far this winter in most of the Northern Hemisphere is a matter of isolated event but now says melting snow in one month in a province of Canada proves global warming has begun again

January 13, 2010 9:56 AM  
Anonymous Aunt Bea said...

now says melting snow in one month in a province of Canada proves global warming has begun again

Oh brother, Anone. I said no such thing but don't let the truth get in your lying way.

The Northern Hemisphere has regions of below **and** above average temperature right now. You are the one focusing solely on the cooling data while completely ignoring the warming data.

I asked why Vancouver is melting during the winter month of January for the second year in a row and made no statement about any proof of anything. You're the one who confuses "weather" with "climate" and claims the cold snap here means something about climate change. You are the one who said "global warming theory isn't compatible with the facts" and then ignored half of the facts, namely the warming sections on Earth right now.

Why is Vancouver up north warming while we're freezing down south? It's a question you can't answer if you ignore half the data.

January 13, 2010 10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

brilliant: "the acceleration of temperature increase has stalled"

inane: "THEN why is snow melting in Vancouver in January, again this year?"

the "then" shows what point you were making

even weasels can't always weasels themselves out of their lies

good try though, inane-B

January 13, 2010 11:39 AM  

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