Thursday, January 13, 2005

Colorado Springs school district decides on sex education

Well, it's always pleasing to see common sense holding its own, isn't it?

Colorado Springs school district decides on sex education

School District-11 plans to continue to allow Planned Parenthood to present sex education to high school classes. Wednesday night, the board rejected a motion to remove Planned Parenthood from the district's Community Resource Bank.

Supporters feel it is the only organization that teaches kids a complete curriculum on avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Opponents say teaching about contraception just encourages kids to be sexually active. D-11 Board Member Eric Christen said, "It's a message that says we give up, you're uncontrollable little animals. There's no hope for you. Here's how to use a condom." On the other side, Planned Parenthood's Lenox Powell said, "Abstinence only information is flawed. And it puts kids' lives in danger."

School policy still allows parents to opt their children out of classroom presentations by Planned Parenthood.


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