Thursday, January 06, 2005

Craziness in California

Once you let them get started, they just can't stop forcing their bizarre values on us. California, you know, recalled its governor, Gray Davis, smoothing the way for Arnold Schwarzenegger to take over. Well, the guy who led the attack on Davis, Tony Andrade, is on one mission after the other. Now he's gotten permission to circulate a petition calling for drastic restrictions on sex education in California. Petition drive seeks to limit sex education

Ugh... ya gotta see this one. From the "Civil Rights for Families" petition:
Before homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, sadism, masochism, sodomy, pederasty, tranvestitism, bisexuality, transgenderism, transexuality, necrophilia, domestic partnerships, cunnilingus, fellatio, orgies or masturbation may be taught in any public school setting in the presence of any pupil in grades 7 through 12 inclusive, the school shall notify the parent or guardian of the pupil in writing no more than 15 days and no less than 10 days in advance, and obtain the parent or guardian's written approval. Civil Rights for Families

My! Cunnilingus in the classroom! Necrophilia in the hallways! Orgies in the public schools! Decent people must oppose that!

This would be funny if weren't so mean-spirited.
"None of this is normally taught in schools," said Sandra Jackson, spokeswoman for the California Teachers Association. "I think teachers would probably be appalled to find it even suggested that it would be taught. It's not part of any curriculum."

This is not Andrade's first effort to restrict sex education in public schools. Together with the Traditional Values Coalition, Save California and similar organizations, Andrade gathered 100,000 signatures for a similar initiative last fall before a legal challenge derailed the effort.

He launched the new petition drive Tuesday, after minimal changes to the initiative's wording.

If the initiative passes it could restrict not just health education, but high school history and social studies classes too -- forcing parents to give daily, written permission before their children could even discuss last winter's gay marriages, Catholic church scandals and potentially other current events.

It's a mess out there, but it should teach us a lesson. This is what happens if you let these people get started.


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