Thursday, March 24, 2005

Thanks for Paying for the Postage

I was starting to worry.

See, doesn't have anything like a treasury. The only money we have is what comes out of our pockets. And that's fine for setting up a web site and occasionally making some copies, renting a room occasionally, and so on. We chip in -- well, it's important to us.

But then we hear that some "group" called "Parents Against X-Rated Curriculum in MCPS" is spending money mailing stuff to people who have kids in the schools where the new curriculum will be piloted. They're sending people a letter, and they're enclosing stamped postcards -- two of 'em, one addressed to the Board of Education, and one addressed to the MCPS Health Education Coordinator, so people can complain and withdraw their kids from the curriculum.

Man, that's a lot of money on stamps. Three of 'em for every house they write to. How in the world can we compete with something like that?

Well, people have been sending in those postcards, yes they have.

From the Montgomery County Public Schools front office we have learned that people are crossing out all the stupid stuff, and writing in statements of support for the new curriculum. Of course it's early yet, but so far positive comments outnumber negative ones by more than six to one. People overwhelmingly want these changes made to the MCPS curriculum, and they're using the Parents Against Blah-blah-blah's postage to tell the school district.

It appears that someone has mistaken Montgomery County, Maryland, for Montgomery, Alabama.

Well what can I say? Thanks for covering the postage expense for us.


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