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Demonstrating How They Did It

Here are some quotes from an interview with Steve Fisher, a spokesman for the Ex-Recall group, by Fox's Bill O'Reilly. This was conducted on May 4th, before the ruling.

Watch how he starts by nearly telling the truth about the teachers' resources, and then slides into lies.
FISHER: First of all, the changes was to introduce sexual identity and orientation discussions as early as eighth grade. We found some of the reference materials for the teachers were encouraging children to self-identify their sexual identity outside of their parents' instructions and purview, and independent of their family's values.

I have never seen any teachers' resources that "encourage children to self-identify" etc., and really, I doubt that a normal person would interpret any of them in this way. But let's give Steve credit here -- he does say "some of the reference materials." So he at least tells the truth about what he's lying about.
O'REILLY: OK, does that mean that the teachers were asking children if they were gay or straight?

Look, this is an important question. Teachers have no business asking students this kind of question, and the correct answer here is No.
FISHER: The teachers were encouraging children to look at sexual identity beyond their biological [nature], to something one of the resources said to your inner self as far as whether you think...

See what he's done? He started misrepresenting the teachers' resources, and now he's talking as if he meant the curriculum. "Teachers encouraging children" would occur in the classroom, but teachers know they are not to present the resources in class.

People, there is nothing in the curriculum that suggests that students need to even think about whether they themselves are gay or straight, much less tell anybody else.
O'REILLY: All right, so they were encouraging children to figure out if they were gay or straight?

Get this straight, I think O'Reilly is a pompous jerk. But at this moment he asked the right question. He allowed Steve Fisher of the Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum to either escape from his own web of deceit or state something that he knows is not true.

What does Fisher say?
FISHER: Right, in the classroom. And a lot of the parents are very much concerned that that's something they should... Block Sex Ed Classes in a Maryland County?

Fisher lies, big as the sky: Right, in the classroom. This is a lie. A big, fat lie.

Readers are encouraged to look at the curriculum: MCPS Health materials. Believe what you read, not what these guys tell you is in there.

Teachers' resources are an important part of the education process. Teachers don't automatically, intuitively know everything there is to know about sexual variations, and they might need to do some reading so they can anticipate students' questions and comments and understand the dynamics of the situation. Thus supporting documents are recommended by the school board. There are definitions of things that probably will never come up, and discussions of things that might never happen -- but the teacher will be prepared if they do. Some of the resources come from advocacy groups, some from professional organizations, some might just be book chapters or magazine articles that were especially insightful.

The MCPS documention specifically states that information in those resources is not to be shared with students. Yet CRC has repeatedly referred to the resources as if they were in the curriculum. They tricked a judge, and it looks like buffaloed Bill O'Reilly.

Here's their spokesman lying about it on national television. Oh, aren't they proud?


Blogger Kay2898 said...

Fisher's kids went private in middle school on and never took old curriculum either it appears. He fails to say what the old curriculum does not say about homosexuality, etc..or was allowed to say if a student asked.

and finally..did Fisher not say that he took his kids out of MCPS because of the old health curriculum and his faults with that when his kids completed 5th grade?

If the old curriculum is as wonderful as Fisher now portrays why did his kids not take it?

Is he saying the old health curriculum is fine for all others but not his own now?

Fisher says:

>>We have raised our children as Catholic and they have attended Catholic
> >middle
> >and high schools (Mater Dei and Gonzaga for my son; Holy Child for my
> >daughter.) My son is a freshman >at Villanova.


Read below from Fisher's email to BOE in November '04.

Thursday, November 11, 2004 8:45:36 PM Steve Fisher wrote to BOE

Subject: Enough of this!

My wife and I have been Montgomery County Taxpayers for almost 30 years and have two children who attended Montgomery Co. Schools but only until each had completed the 5th grade. That was because we were not given any opportunity to disagree nor have a meaningful say into the growing liberal bias and proactive homosexual agenda that the Board of Education was pursuing. Like your so called Sex Education program, we were told to shut up? pay our taxes and if we did not like it? "Opt out".

Now Steve Fisher has some explaining to do.

Kay R

May 08, 2005 11:35 AM  

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