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What We're Up Against

Here's a chance to do your homework, and review some of the talking points that anti-gay groups such as CRC encourage their members to use. This is from a document on their web site called Talking Points for Overcoming Prejudice in Favor of Homosexuality.

Because, you know, it's a terrible thing when people think it's ok for other people to be different from "us". Their document starts out with this nice point:
Many people are now biased toward homosexuality, thinking it's the kind and tolerant attitude. It's exactly the opposite. The kindest approach is to understand how damaging this behavior is, how children can be drawn into it, and the risks it presents.

Here are some points to cover with school officials, students (including your own children) teachers, and parents.

Yeah, because you're a good person, you want to make sure that school officials, your kids, and other people understand that it is only ok for people to feel the way we do, and behave the way we do.

This will hurt, but let's look at a couple of these talking points:
Homosexuality is not genetic. No research supports this claim. Many thousands of people have overcome this desire as well as leaving the lifestyle.

I think I'm starting to understand this. "Genetic" means you can't control yourself. People have two kinds of attributes: genetic ones, and ones they can decide on. I mean, it looks like that's what these guys believe.

There are so many problems with this. First of all, sexual orientation probably does have an important genetic aspect, which has not yet been discovered, since the human genome was a total mystery until a couple of years ago. Second, nothing is perfectly genetic. Genotypes emerge when exposed to the proper stimuli. You might have a genetic predisposition for freckles, but if you never go into the sun, you'll never know it. Third, nobody ever said it was genetic -- this argument is always made in a vacuum.
Homosexuality is associated with destructive outcomes: AIDS, a much higher risk of STDs, roughly three times the rate of alcoholism and drug abuse, much more promiscuity and domestic abuse, and a shortened life span. Male homosexuality involves frequent anal sexual contact; lesbianism involves phallic substitutes. This is graphic, but we must always remember the reality of the risks we are talking about.

Look, most of these things are just here because they sound gross to straight people. What would happen, do ya think, if gay people were treated as something other than freaks? Do you suppose their suicide rates might drop a little? Do you suppose it's possible that part of the reason gay people have a hard time is because people treat them so badly? I do.
Revealing these risks is not cruel or "hateful". In fact, the truth is the light at the end of the tunnel for many kids. Remember, the problem here is the behavior, not the person. And knowledge helps all of us identify and change our self-damaging behaviors.

Uh, when everything you say about a group of people is negative, when you think that group of people embodies evil, when you devote your time to bad-mouthing a group of people who have never done anything to you ... that's hateful. Yes, it is, sorry.

And, ok, anybody can control their behavior. Now, you need to tell us why it is worthwhile for a person who is attracted to a certain class of people to deny himself or herself the pleasure of acting on that attraction. Of course gay people can deny themselves love for their whole lives -- why should they?
This is not a "religious" issue. This is a social and health issue. Major religions affirm male-female marriage because it fits the reality of human life and has always been a foundation of civilization. However, the problems with homosexuality will be apparent to an atheist who's open-minded and wants to know the facts.

Hatred of gays does not follow from any reasoning process. In our country, in our time, it emanates almost a hundred percent from religious organizations. Now, how you get from the teaching of Jesus to hatred of homosexuals, I can't explain, but that's pretty much where it always comes from.
You don't have to apologize for this position. Just because there are a few radicals who actually might want to harm people involved in homosexuality, doesn't mean we all fit that mold - quite the opposite. This factual position is based on genuine, not artificial, compassion.

Yes, of course, I'm sure most homosexuals appreciate the compassion that people like CRC project upon them.

The next part of CRC's "talking points" document is called Frequent Claims of Homosexuality's School Supporters and How to Respond.
"Schools need to respect all students and teachers!"
We are objecting to dangerous, changeable behavior, not people. Telling the whole truth shows genuine respect. Remember, this desire is not genetic, and those involved are not some separate breed of humans!

This is a version of the "Hate the sin, love the sinner" mantra. Look, I'll give this to them. They can take all the people in America who engage in homosexuality behavior because it just seems so cool, even though they're really straight, and they can try all they want to talk them into something else. Take all your gay-by-choice-dot-com folks, and go to town, man, talk 'em into whatever you can manage.

No, this is not about behavior, it's about how somebody is.
"This intolerance is causing teens to attempt suicide!"
Youth involved in homosexual behavior may have a higher risk of suicide attempts. But these are often students who have other troubles as well-- substance abuse, school problems, unstable homes, etc. Usually, the situation shows a kid in distress. These other factors are likely to be the causative issues, rather than intolerance about homosexuality. Besides, even if the tragedy of a suicide attempt is the student's response to disapproval of homosexuality, does that indicate the disapproval was unjustified? A student could have a tragic response to parents who disapprove of him/her shooting up heroin. Would this mean legalization of drugs is the only solution for that student's welfare? This kind of thinking is a recipe for societal chaos! Reaching out while still supporting the highest standards remains the best approach.

This is a little long, isn't it? Look, you grow up, you find you're different from other people, and guess what -- you're gay! Ack! The worst thing you can imagine! Everybody is teasing you. Nobody understands you. Nobody will hang out with you ... Depressing, wouldn't you think? Well, how many of things really result from ignorance? Why do people tease you? Why won't anybody hang out with you? It's not because of what you are, it's because of what people think you are. Education could go a long way here.

Let me read this one to you again: Besides, even if the tragedy of a suicide attempt is the student's response to disapproval of homosexuality, does that indicate the disapproval was unjustified? Refer back, please, to part about being compassionate. So what if a few kids kill themselves, at least "we" expressed our opinions.
Suicide attempts arise from hopelessness. Our kids aren't always being given answers that make sense. For instance, while activists claim homosexuality is a right and kids need to be "freed" and out of the closet, why is youth suicide worse now than in the supposedly more "repressive" past? Indications are that being "out" may be a factor in youth suicide, not the opposite.

Yes, being out -- that means that other people know what you are. Is this hard to understand? Hide it, and you're ok. Once the bigots know what you are, though -- look out!
"This 'homophobia' must be stopped!" So, in other words, no disagreement with full expression of homosexuality is to be allowed? That sure sounds intolerant and repressive. Why do you want to force your beliefs on others? And, what exactly will "support" involve?

As far as I'm concerned, you are free to hate whoever you want. It doesn't bother me any. You can be as stupid as you like, as ignorant as you like ... just don't think you're going to come into Montgomery County and make the rest of us pretend we agree with you.

Tolerating intolerance would be the wrong thing to do.
"You want to censor us!"
But there's already censorship! That's what a school does - choose some things to teach and not others. Why can't parents have a say? And why can't facts be part of my child's education?

Parents can have a say. The majority of parents in Montgomery County expect to have a say, and they do not expect that their "say" will be overturned by some dirty-minded puritans with out-of-town pro bono lawyers.

Well, there you have it. The Other Side practicing what to say. Don't they sound helpful and kind?

Today I was talking with a guy from another state -- no, Chris, it was not Alabama-- and he said, "Where I live, those people are the majority, there's nothing you can do about them."

Well, in Montgomery County, Maryland, they are not the majority. There is something we can do about them. Please join with us to keep this a great place to live.


Blogger Kay2898 said...

Wonder if President of Recall has told her cousin who is a homosexual what is on the Recall website??????

Washington Post
Thursday, May 19, 2005

She added, "I will admit there could be a possibility" that in rare instances, people are born homosexual -- such as a cousin of hers.

"He's gay, and he's a great guy," she said. "He's a hairdresser. He's very artistic, very good at what he does, men's and women's hair. Fabulous decorator. And I remember playing together when we were young. . . . My brother was always into trucks and guns, knives and swords. . . . Steve was much quieter. He was much happier hanging out with the girls."


Bet he will feel great after reading that venom.

Kay R

June 08, 2005 7:28 PM  
Blogger vjack said...

This is a wonderful blog, and I applaud your efforts to spread reality-based education in place of faith-based supersition. It is truly refreshing to see that there are advocates of enlightenment in these dark days of American theocracy. Keep up the good work.

June 11, 2005 10:16 AM  
Blogger andrea said...

Yes, let's expose what CRC is all about- not protecting kids or preserving "family" or anything about a health curriculum- but demonizing gay people and spreading hatred of gay people.

Edmund Burke said "All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to stand idly by". Montgomery county- don't just stand by!

June 12, 2005 8:20 PM  

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