Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Parents Upset About Abstinence Speaker

These California parents are mad! It seems the school district out in San Diego sent somebody in to talk to their kids about abstinence, and they didn't mention contraception. Didn't tell them about condoms. Didn't say anything about safe sex practices.

And in California, that's against the law.
Some local parents are protesting an abstinence-only sex education talk presented to nearly 2,400 students at Coronado and Grossmont high schools Tuesday.

The parents are angry because state law prevents schools from discussing abstinence without also discussing contraception. In one excerpt from the discussion, speaker Pam Stenzel said, "No one has ever had sex outside of marriage who didn't pay -- no one." Parents Say Sex Ed Speaker Broke Law: District Defends Controversial Presentation

Man, that's the way to do it. Keep the nuts on the defensive. Run 'em out of town as soon as they open their mouth.

The school district is ducking the charges by calling this lady, Pam Stenzel, a "motivational speaker," not an educator. Hey, it's worth a try, I guess.
Critics say parents were not given enough notification to allow their children to opt out of the presentation.

"The flyer they gave them never mentioned it was an abstinence-only advocate," Hall said.

Yeah, they're mad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no such concept as "safe" sex; the dictionary defines safe as one-hunderd percent risk free and harm free; and using a condom does not protect the user 100%. I understand that why these parents are angry and they have every right to be, but to sit there and call contraceptives "safe" is a contradiction!

November 02, 2006 6:14 PM  

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