Saturday, August 18, 2007

Two Good Boys

I'm going back a few years, so the memories are a little hazy here. These little boys. They stayed with their grandmother in the corner house near us. Their dad had this beautiful early-60s Chevy that he kept in the carport, out of the rain and the sun. Every time you'd go by, he was out there working on it, cleaning it, shining it up. I talked to him a couple of times about it, he was proud of that car.

The boys would come around, I'd say this was seven or eight years ago. The older one was wiry, little, hyper. He'd come into the house and start wandering around looking at things, touching things, could not keep his hands in his pockets. We laughed about it. We'd say, "Justin, just stand there, the kids will be down in a minute." And it was like torture to him, until he forgot, and he'd start playing with stuff on the counter-top or whatever, wandering around the house. Just could not hold still.

The other one was younger but bigger. Kind of a heavy kid, and funny. He loved my daughter. He always found a reason to sit next to her or talk to her, he'd come over for no reason, just to tell her something, making moon-eyes at her the whole time, a total goofball. The kids were in grade school at that time, and then the boys moved away. Jeremy dropped by a year or so ago, this tall, handsome young man, found our new house and came by to see my little girl, who is also not so little any more. They stood out in the front yard talking for the longest time, which is what teenagers do when they don't want their parents to hear what they're saying. It seemed to me she was glad to see him, but nothing ever came of it, he just came by that once.

July 30th, their father went into the boys' rooms, one after the other, and put a bullet in each of them while they were sleeping.

I don't have anything to say about this.

News stories HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE Kennedy High School has a site HERE.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

May both of those beloved boys be blessed, as they blessed us. This was simply and utterly tragic.

August 23, 2007 1:15 PM  

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