Monday, August 13, 2007

Word Verification Is Turned On

We could have required everybody to register with Blogger and use an identifiable name consistently, every time they comment here. But no, we gave our Anonymi a break, just because they're so cute and cuddly with their troll-like features.

Now if you go to leave a comment, you will be shown a box with some letters in it, and you'll have to type those letters into another box. It shouldn't be too hard, though I admit sometimes I can't tell what letter they intend.

Also, it looks like if you have a Blogger account and you stay logged in, it doesn't make you type the letters. When I first set it up, I thought it wasn't working, until I logged out and tried it. So a lot of you won't notice any difference.

Hopefully this fixes the comment-spam problem. When I have lots of time, I'll go through the hundreds of posts that got hit today and delete the junk.


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