Monday, July 26, 2010

Pepco Map

We were lucky, our lights blinked a couple of times but the storm did not knock out our power. Driving around we saw lots of trees down, many dark neighborhoods.

You might find this interesting, it is Pepco's map of the area, showing where electricity outages are: CLICK HERE.

The county is saying that there are still 207 traffic lights not working this morning. I love how people manage to coordinate through intersections. There is a little bit of honking but basically everybody realizes that the other guy needs to get somewhere, too, and it all gets worked out.

I figured the storm was here for about twenty minutes. I saw where somebody else said fifteen. Whatever, that was some sideways rain!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"our lights blinked a couple of times but the storm did not knock out our power"

same here

the suddenness and strength of the storm were remarkable though

looking up out our window, huge oaks several stories were whipping around in circles as if a huge invisible hand were stirring something on the ground

snapped-off branches were airborne like random flying swords

no need to mention the stuff on the deck

on the way in this morning, I didn't see one light working

and honestly, at least where I was going, I think I got there faster

July 26, 2010 9:16 AM  

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