Monday, January 17, 2005

Bible vs. science war rages on in classrooms

We are thankful there are people like Selman, who are in no rush to let themselves be run over by extremists and zealots. Thanks to them, the fight will continue. I'm open to accept that I myself created the world, I just need science to be able to prove it to the best of its abilities... That's what evolution does so far... I do want my kids to be taught that there are religious and/or just differing views regarding the origins of the Earth, and species, but that the most accurate and prevailing theory accepted by a consensus of the scientific community is that of Evolution, and that's why we use it in our classrooms to explain origins.

Selman challenged the board's right to place stickers in science texts challenging the theory of evolution, claiming it was an unconstitutional intrusion by organized religion on Georgia's education system. A federal judge agreed last week and ordered the stickers removed.

But both Selman and Manely know that was just one battle in a fight that, in some parts of the United States, has been raging for 80 years, since the 1925 trial of Tennessee teacher John Scopes who was charged with illegally teaching evolution.

And perhaps it's fitting that this latest skirmish played out in historic Marietta, in the shadow of the Confederate cemetery:

This is America's new civil war.

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