Thursday, January 13, 2005

That Retraction

I keep thinking about The Gazette withdrawing their story. Yesterday I sat in the board meeting, where Michelle went in and told them that she had learned they had withdrawn from the meeting because of threats they'd received from her group, and she tried to smooth it all over.

Now, all the members of the school board were sitting right there, looking her in the eye. She only took up, I'd say, less than a minute of her allowed two minutes, so there would've been time for a comment or two. But they sat there and let her talk, and nobody said, oh, that's not the reason, or, no, we had to cancel because of other commitments. They didn't say that.

Why did she think it was true? Why did they let her apologize without correcting her?

And now The Gazette is saying that wasn't it, that they made a mistake.

Matey, me smells a big, stinkin' rat somewheres.


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