Friday, January 21, 2005

Songbird's gradual evolution challenges conservation methods, researchers say

This is the way sciences works. You work with a theory and against it at the same time...Because at some points a theory may not cover all the basis on a specific issue - that's why it's called a scientific theory i.e. the (working) truth until proven false -.
Now researchers have proven the gradual evolution of the Songbird, which challenges at once some of the most relished conservation methods to this moment, and the "only in isolation" part of the theory of evolution.
Irwin's research calls into question the predominant theory that evolution only takes place when a species is isolated – by huge glaciers or on an island, for example – and adapts to new surroundings.

But, interestingly enough, the disproving of this part of the theory is a significant proof of the overall veracity of the evolutionary process.
The songbird's gradual evolution adds up to some of the most convincing evidence yet found to support evolutionary theory, the researchers said.

Researchers are not afraid to be confronted with a vacuum that challenges their core knowledge...Neither should we.


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