Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sextravaganza Update

Well, they had the Sextravaganza at George Mason. Sounds like everyone had a good time, nothing got out of hand, everybody learned something.

Here's how NBC4 put it:
FAIRFAX, Va. -- A controversial health fair called Sextravaganza was held Monday at George Mason University, in Fairfax, Va.

Organizers hoped the one-day event sponsored by the Pro-Choice Patriots student group would raise awareness about such issues as safe sex, date rape and sexual health.

"I was definitely a little nervous because after all the publicity there were high expectations," student organizer Amanda Agan said.

The extra publicity came from Virginia State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, who questioned the appropriateness of a health fair called Sextravaganza being organized by pro-choice students.

"They're selling their product," he said. "They are selling abortions."

The event included 15 booths with information on abstinence, condoms and self-help exams, as well as sexual orientation. But for every one opinion, there was opposition just a few steps away, News4 reported.

GMU student Shannon Smith said it was an opportunity to learn about female condoms.

"I've never seen them before in my life and here they are sitting on the table so I thought I'd ask because any form of birth control is great," she said.

For Tdisho Doe, it was a lesson in pro-life views.

"I was surprised when she said you have your heart beating at 18 days," she said. "I didn't know that."

University officials said the health fair was a success despite a letter Monday morning from six members of the Virginia House of Delegates saying, "We are concerned that the frivolous manner in which human sexuality is being treated here with the GMU approval is counter-productive to the best interests of Virginia's citizens." GMU Officials Call Sextravaganza A SuccessM

You wonder about these puritans who always have to blow everything out of proportion -- are they ever embarrassed? Do they blush in the privacy of their offices, when they learn that kids go to school and learn about sex and don't run out and do everything they learned about, or that somebody taught them about gay people and they didn't turn gay? Does it embarrass them? Or are they already busy, trying to stop somebody else from doing some harmless thing?

I mean, I can't imagine what that's like, always having to control everybody else.


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