Monday, June 20, 2005

Dumberer and Dumberest: The Education Doctors

I just saw the strangest thing. The CRC blog has a thing where apparently somebody from wrote a letter to a web site and they are answered by these two ladies who call themselves the "Education Doctors." Is that what this is? And I see the ladies have a web page over in Prince George's County (at least it's on a PG web host)-- Education Doctors -- and it does not appear that the Education Doctors are actually doctors of any sort, just two ladies who have an opinion or something. (Here's their picture from their web site.)

So Ex-Recall posts this illiterate, misspelled, rambling response to somebody's letter. I assume that it comes from somewhere on the Education Doctors' web site, but the site is so chaotically disorganized that I admit I can't find it.

Regarding their long-winded suggestion that Matthew Sheppard was not killed because he was gay, but that this is a story to promote the "liberal agenda," I can only note that his family members do not seem to agree with that! And what kind of cynic would take such a horrible murder and try to defend it? Is that what CRC stands for? Making excuses for murderers? Is that what this is about?

This fake-doctor says
It is also important that you understand that I respect all humans and religions, however as it relates to homosexual’s desire to be considered a separate but equal race that by the way means my race (Black) will be further marginalized and that is not an option I will support.
Did you realize that? That gay people desire to be a race? Or that respecting gays would marginalize black people? That commas have gone out of style? You feel like saying something about a "straw man," but you realize they wouldn't understand the concept.

Did you realize this?
... experimenting with the homosexual lifestyle leads to wild use of mind-altering drugs needed to escape the pain associated with their sexual activities and the threat of terminal decease associated with their promiscuity and un-natural sexual interests.

Isn't "terminal decease" nearly redundant? And I'm wondering, where do deceased people get mind-altering drugs?

I mean ... look at this ... they say to us here at
How can you truly say that abstinence does not work?
Huh? Abstinence education does not work, abstinence would be pretty good, if by "work" you mean prevents pregnancy and STD. Nobody over here ever said that abstinence doesn't work.

Or how about this:
I do not support the homosexual lifestyle, I do not agree that human beings are born homosexual, and I do not believe the innocence of our children should be stripped with one-sided information that based on my research, is nothing more that indoctrination and recruitment attempt to create more homosexuals that will grow up to vote a certain way – if they live.

If they live. Isn't that from the old joke about the insurance salesman? Oh, never mind. This whole statement is as clear a denial of science and its findings as you'll ever see. This is well into the realm of paranoid delusion.

See, I know there must be some reasonable voice on the other side, this can't really be all there is to it. Right? But here's the CRC, the voice of the other side, posting this letter from a fake-doctor as if it contained an important message. Is this really the best they can do?


Blogger andrea said...

No one could ever accuse the RECALL group of going for intellectual or intelligent discourse- hello, Tres, Don- are you listening??? These women look like your sort of audience.

June 21, 2005 9:39 AM  

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