Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Times Publishes Letter

On June 2nd, the Washington Times printed an editorial that most of us considered outrageous. It misrepresented the curriculum that we fought to defend, and made inflammatory statements that really didn't seem to further the discussion at all. On June 3rd, David Fishback, former chair of the citizens committee that developed the curriculum, sent a letter to The Times, explaining his view of the statements that had been made.

After more than a week it became clear that The Times was not going to publish his letter, so on June 12th he sent it to me to post here on the Vigilance blog. You can read the letter below, in a post entitled That Times Editorial: Fishback Responds.

Well, the next day, Sarah Vabulas, who is The Times' Letter Editor, sent us a note, apologizing for not having published the letter, with some explanation, and asking for a way to contact Mr. Fishback.

Today, June 15th, to their credit, the Washington Times did publish David Fishback's letter responding to their editorial. We applaud their diligence in this situation, and thank them for doing the right thing. Note that they could easily have refused to print the letter since it was already "published," in a sense, on this web site. But it appears that they really intended to make things right.

We often do not agree with The Times editorial position, which tends to bleed into their news reporting in odd ways. Of the local media, they have covered the MCPS sex-ed story the most thoroughly, usually with a conservative spin, but just when you give up on them they'll do something right. Their June 5th story, for instance, was a good, objective wrap-up of the situation. And their handling of Fishback's letter to the editor was honorable and correct.


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