Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ethics. Morals. Sure.

From Military Week:
The evangelical in the White House crossed a milestone this week.

For the rest of the world, this milestone passes largely unnoticed in the midst of Middle East fear, death, and destruction in Iraq, in Gaza and the occupied territories, and now in Lebanon. Specifically taking a back seat to the Israeli-Hezbollah war is the ongoing and tragic status of American-occupied Iraq.

But in Washington, history was made when George W. Bush finally, and for the first time, used his presidential veto power to reject a piece of legislation from his loyal Congress.

The veto, as Bush explained in a public ceremony framed by chattering toddlers, was done to prevent American taxpayers from being “… compelled to fund the deliberate destruction of human embryos.'

He went on, “Crossing this line would be a grave mistake and would needlessly encourage a conflict between science and ethics that can only do damage to both and harm our Nation as a whole.'

Science and ethics are two areas where George W. Bush cannot be accused of knowing too much, thinking too deeply, nor retaining even a shadow of personal humility. The Lame Duck of Destruction

It is a strange place to draw the line, isn't it? Like, now in Iraq, thanks to our "culture of life" President, an average of a hundred people a day are being killed in Iraq, real conscious, thinking, loving people with families and friends. For what? Nobody really knows, it is simply grounds for speculation -- WMD, democracy, oil, outdoing Dad, nobody really knows, but lots of people are being killed by the decider.

But come to saving thousands, maybe millions, of lives through research using some several-celled embryos that are going down the drain if they're not used, and wow, all of a sudden the guy's got "ethics." Suddenly, morals.
Bush, unlike the American Founders, believes that the state owns life – yours, mine, a frozen embryo's potentiality, a criminal's continued existence, lives of youthful American soldiers and Marines, and lives of Iraqis of all ages. One may extend this sense of ownership to the lives disrupted and destroyed by the American “business' in Afghanistan, also launched by this president, and the current evacuation crisis that has placed in extremis nearly 25,000 Americans in Lebanon.

Strangely, Bush also seems to be saying that the state, in accordance with its morals and ethics, must act to preserve life. What a concept!

Sadly, illogically and wickedly, Bush means to preserve only the lives of those Americans who cannot speak, cannot move, and cannot think. This intent is evidenced by federal legislation Bush supported that was passed to preserve the comatose life of a single individual in a single state – one of 300 million Americans, as well as in his recent veto to preserve several hundred embryos stored in freezers across the country.

And it ain't just the Big Guy, it's the nuts who support him. They gotta go, nothing else to it, we gotta stop them. This is not the way America works, these are not American values. This is not ethical, it is not moral, it's not right. We gotta fight it where we find it.


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I thought you were pro-choice?

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