Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Spitzer on PFOX Site, More

Warren Throckmorton doesn't know what that Spitzer video at the PFOX web site is, either:
...A flash video clip of Dr. Robert Spitzer is featured on the front page and loads automatically. I cannot tell from what video the clip is taken but it appears to be edited from a longer produced video. Anyone know from what this is taken? It seems to be a bit sparse to be included on the site without context... PFOX revamps website

Well, that makes it pretty clear that it wasn't from Throckmorton's movie, eh?

Also, Box Turtle Bulletin picked up on our post about it.
Dr. Spitzer has previously condemned misappropriations of his study by anti-gay lobbyists and activists in their efforts to limit civil liberties for gays and lesbians. It’s impossible to imagine that Dr. Spitzer would lend his endorsement to an organization like PFOX, which is among the more notorious for its unethical practices.

Who knows, maybe the old boy's flipped his lid and decided to leave academia behind to advocate for the rights of "ex-gays."

BTB can't imagine it, and neither can I. Stay tuned.


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