Monday, August 15, 2005

Citizens Link Update

The Montgomery Community Television show The Citizens Link to Community Awareness was going to have a whole half-hour of Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, including PFOX President Richard Cohen, on Channel 21. I blogged complaining about the one-sidedness of it HERE.

Well, word is, the show got more mail and phone calls than they had ever received before. Seems Montgomery County people didn't really all agree that "Subject: Health Education Where do we go from here?" was best discussed by a bunch of anti-MCPS radicals, with no one representing the the majority viewpoint.

So the schedule for taping, which will happen this afternoon, is currently shown as this:
SHOW #11. Subject: Health Education Where do we go from here?

GUESTS for First half of Show:
1. Michelle Turner - President of CRC (Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum)
2. Steve Fisher - PR/Media Chairman
3. Dr. Ruth Jacobs M.D.

GUESTS for Second half of Show:
1. Anne Kaiser - Maryland State Delegate, District 14

It is not posted yet, but we understand that David Fishback, former chair of the citizens advisory committee, will appear with Ms. Kaiser in the second part of the show.

Citizens Link will be shown on Channel 21 at the following times:
Monday at 9:30 PM
Thursday at 5:30 PM
Sunday at 7:00 PM.

Should be v-e-e-r-r-r-y interesting.


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