Monday, June 11, 2007

The CRC Has a Nightmare and It Is Us

I was looking around the Internet to see if there was anything good to blog about. Thought, hey, maybe the CRC's got a new rant about the curriculum, how it makes liberals happy by promoting abortions or something. At the least I thought they'd have something fun about the big demonstration they have planned for tomorrow morning outside the Board of Education offices, so I went to their web site.

Nah, nothing like that. But there was something new. A link titled: "The Shape of Things to Come?" Thinking maybe it had something to do with the Yardbirds, I clicked on the link.

And lo and behold, the coolest thing the CRC can find to put on their web site is a quote from our comments section. Here's what they are featuring on their web site right now -- right now, while the school board is preparing to vote, the Superintendent is changing his mind, while the sex-ed controversy is breaking all around us, they have this:
The Shape of Things to Come?

“I agree with Jim [Kennedy] that this curriculum [MCPS Sex-Ed Curriculum] is very much a baby step, with fairly minimal impact. The next step is mandatory inservices for all MCPS staff on the characteristics and needs of LGBT students; the step after that are trainings for the students; then, employeeing a teacher for LGBT youth concerns, or including them in the job description of a general diversity coordinator. The real work of making schools safer and more accepting for LGBT people in MoCo is done by non-profits such as PFLAG. It's time that the public schools themselves stepped up to the plate. It's good as a first step that the MCPS BOE has not caved to PFOX (as did Fairfax), but they have a much broader responsibility. I agree with Jim: half-way between fairness and bigotry is not neutrality; it's cowardice.”

Robert Rigby, Teacher

Fairfax Co., VA June 8, 2007

This was something our friend Robert wrote in our comments section HERE.

Well, they left off two parts, and added something. Robert's post actually started with:
I repeat, Anonymous blogs here primarily to irk people, not discuss.

Referring, of course, to our Anonymous blogger who, uh, blogs here primarily to irk people.

Then at the end he had written:
BTW, on Sunday I'm throwing a birthday party for myself, and inviting 300,000 of my closest friends. All are welcome. Noon to 6, Pennsylvania Avenue between 7th and 3rd.

Inviting us, of course, to the Pride Festival.

They also added the part at the end, Robert's last name and profession. Whatever, I know PFOX has done this sort of thing to him before, and I'm not surprised that the CRC would try to, I don't know what, get him in trouble for being idealistic?

You see, this is the CRC's nightmare. They post this because their readers will recognize it as a nightmare: teaching teachers about the needs of gay students, training students in same, employing somebody at the school to work with students to make schools safer and more accepting.

I admit, I'm proud to be mentioned in their nightmare.


Blogger Robert said...

Thanks for the post Jim. A friend of mine emailed that CRC had an email of mine on their website, but I couldn't find it.

It strikes me as interesting that they use a quote from me to alarm their website visitors. I enjoy sharing my opinions on the blog, but I figure they're largely irrelevent, since I live and work in Virginia. I really do think school systems (including MCPS) should take the steps I've suggested, but as far as I know no one in Maryland has recommended them, just little old Commonwealth me.

I'm reminded of something I always tell my friends and colleagues: never put anything on a blog, a profile, or in an email that you don't want everyone to see. Even if it's a private email, it's too easy to hit the "reply all" button.

I did send CRC two emails about the letter they posted from an MCPS teacher, effectivelely trying to "out" him to his school and parents. They didn't respond to me, which seems discourteous. I'll write them now, asking them to list me as "Robert Rigby, Jr." (so as not to confuse me with my father, or the British children's books author of the same name).

The Pride festival was a great deal of fun, as always, though I spent most of the day in a booth. Yesterday I went to a luau for my mother's birthday (together we're 114!).

I'm looking forward to your post on how the BOE voted. I saw Dr. Weast's letter to the CAC chair.


June 12, 2007 4:26 PM  
Blogger Dana Beyer, M.D. said...

Actually, Robert, I feel I have a right to claim that it was "my" party as well, since I was a Capital Hero this year and had the honor of riding in the parade. I've never had a quarter of a million at one of my parties, either.

June 12, 2007 4:48 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

Yay, Dr. Dana, you were a hero. Well chosen by the committee. You're a true hero for our community.

June 12, 2007 6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrea- not anon

I was at the Gay Pride Festival too. I saw Dan at the Equality Maryland table. I met two Jack Russells (see that wild gay lifestyle- dog owners!!!) at the Stoney Creek Farm table, talked to the people at the Wachovia(oh, no, banking- another gay lifestyle activity) about how my mortgage with them would soon be over and also spoke to the Bloom people(gay people go grocery shopping,too-what next???).

And I am straight(but,as they say, not narrow)

June 12, 2007 9:08 PM  
Blogger Tish said...

I missed the festival because Sunday was a big day for my family - I was a featured soloist at a performance of Poulenc's "Gloria," my choir had its always fabulous "send-off for the summer" pot-luck lunch and we spent the evening with the extended family celebrating my husband and youngest son's birthdays.

I was at the parade, though. My older son and I were working security at 17th and R streets. When the crowd started to get thick and the parade got exciting it was hard to keep the ropes up and keep people off the sidewalks, so I had to keep asking people to get back off of the streets. But you know what? It's not hard to do "security" with a crowd of people who have all gotten together to be nice to each other. There was actually one guy right at the front who started looking after my son and making sure he got some of the goodies, since his hands were busy holding the ropes.

Great party, Robert. It looks as though you and my husband share a birthday. Let's give a parade in honor of you two again next year.

June 13, 2007 7:26 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

My birthday's actually the 11th, so the parade and festival fall on it every 6 years (Pride in DC is 2nd weekend in June). June 11th is also my mother's birthday. I asked her once if I were her best birthday present, and she said "Well, you were the biggest." June 11 is the Hawaii state holiday, King Kamehameha day, so my mother planned this fabulous luau at her retirement community, with beautiful decorations made of fabric squares and seashells, tropical banners, Polynesian music, travel DVDs, with tropical food and hula hoops (no one hulaed, though). Everyone wore Hawaiian shirts and made food. It's so good to see her with so much energy and in such good health, having a wonderful time.

Pride was great. I saw many students I've known over the years who've grown up and come back to our area. It was fun.

June 13, 2007 8:32 AM  

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